Top 10 Dating Books for Single Men

Top 10 Dating Books for Single Men

Dating is a lonely path for a man – no, the irony is not lost on us. Men don’t have the openness and support when talking about relationships that woman do. A lot of them can’t find quality advice to help them become better potential mates and get better partners.

On average, the kind of dating literature available exclusively for men is mixed: there’s both good and not-so-good information. We have long believed that only women are interested in self-improvement and dating advice, but men need help too!

There are those who aren’t so good with the ladies, who need to learn how to approach them and get favorable responses. There are those who are misogynistic and disgruntled from previous relationships who need to be set straight. Finally, some are just socially awkward – with males and females alike – but they also deserve love and happiness.

So we’ve put together this list that includes some of the best dating advice for men today. If you follow their advice, these books will help you identify and break toxic relationship habits and cycles. If you’re lucky, you just might find the love of your life, but even if not, you’ll become a better person.

1. The Art of Seduction – Robert Greene

In the Art of Seduction, Robert Greene applies his distinctive flair for language to sell and market. Only in this case, he demonstrates a smoldering kind of seduction that is perfect if you are in no rush. As such, it isn’t your go-to resource if you’re looking for quick dating and seduction advice.

In a fast-moving world, people are probably looking for something that works faster/more efficiently. Greene speaks, not as a womanizer, but rather, he comes off as an authority in the human psyche. You won’t find another book that explored the psychology of seducers and seduction to the depth of this book.

The Art of Seduction is a gem if you want to understand and master social seduction, not just romantic or heterosexual seduction. If we color you intrigued, find a detailed summary or buy on Amazon.

From the Book: There is too little mystery in the world; too many people say exactly what they feel or want.

2. Fundamentals of Female Dynamics – Michael Knight

This is one of the most underrated dating resources out there, a sad testament to the inverse relationship between quality and popularity. Michael Knight teaches several important lessons, including:

  • The things that make you succeed at dating will make you succeed at life
  • Your choice of women is a reflection of your own life – be someone people want
  • Navigating the thin line between wanting her but not quite needing her
  • Showing interest without looking like you’re buying her affection
  • Being confident and “healthily entitled” without being an asshole

You can find a more detailed summary and buy on Amazon. The Fundamentals of Female Dating has a deep understanding of both male and female psychology. You’ll be glad you read it.

From the book:

“N= W · fd · fi · G · fa · fl

Where N = Number of dates

W = number of women within your environment;

fd = percentage of W that you find attractive;

fi = percentage of women you interact with;

G = your “game constant” or personal level of attractiveness, range: 0≤G≥1

fa = percentage of women who are available;

fl = percentage of women that are not inaccessible by external circumstances”

3. The Man’s Guide to Women – John Gottman

You’re probably looking into guys’ dating books because you want to date better and get a girlfriend or relationship that sticks. The downside of many dating advice approaches is for authors to encourage men to be “alpha”. This, at the expense of learning relationship dynamics or the things that make relationships succeed.

John Gottman has more than one decade of research on relationship dynamics and success factors. In his book, he explores ways to develop strong, happy and long-lasting relationships. He also illuminates ideas to help you understand women. Find a detailed summary or get your copy on Amazon.

From the Book: News flash: Men, you have the power to make or break a relationship.

4. How to Make Girls Chase – Chase Amante

Chase Amante came into the dating scene long before pickup was cool – people learned routines, “negged” and asked opinions to land dates. All these techniques have a time and place, but their users ended up looking socially inept or obnoxious – highly undesirable outcomes.

Chase’s approach is based on more focused and direct techniques of becoming a high-value man. Coming with a background in teaching and years of experience (and mistakes!) under his belt, he promises to teach any man to get any kind of woman they want. His work is based on six years of hard research into what made men fail and others succeed at dating.

Even though you’ll probably disagree with some of his premises, Chase’s title remains one of the best dating resources for men right now.

5. One Date – Chase Amante

It’s not for nothing that Chase Amante makes the list with yet another title, One Date. Turn to this book if you’re looking for content and information; no promises of transformation, no magic cures, just information.

This is one of few titles that explore the different kinds of men and dates that women want – excitement versus connection is most distinct. It’s available as an interview/podcast style, which isn’t necessarily great for everyone, but it has the information that you need. In a better format, it might have featured higher up than this.

Find a review and summary or find out how to get yours.

6. How to Be a 3% Man – Corey Wayne

Going by Amazon reviews, this is the most popular book of all the ones listed here. But as mentioned earlier, it raises some questions related to its psychology of dating or actual social dynamics. Even so, there’s a reason it features in this list of the best dating advice for men today.

Corey Wayne covers most of his topics and the high0level mindsets in society today with a genuineness uncommonly seen in books. His perspective will give you big bangs for your bucks; you won’t put it down quickly, and you’ll be glad you read it. Find a more detailed summary of get your copy from Amazon.

From the Book: Masculine energy is about drive, purpose, mission, succeeding, accomplishing, overcoming obstacles, and achieving goals.

7. Invincible – David Tian

It would appear that David Tian is more focused on the Asian population, although he offers content that is applicable across the board. His book brings together some concepts from The Art of Seduction and Tony Robbins material. He builds a strong case for the fundamentals and delves into dating psychology and male-female dynamics.

David Tian builds a case for self-improvement, stating that you need a life purpose to make you happy and watch what you feed your mind. He also mentions that your first goal shouldn’t be getting women.

He makes the case for introductions from mutual acquaintances over cold approaches and pushing seduction beyond the friend zone. Find a detailed review and more information on the course.

8. No More Mr. Nice Guy – Robert Glover

In the strictest sense, No More Mr. Nice Guy is not a dating book for men. It is, however, the deepest and best exploration of the “nice guy syndrome” and how to overcome it.

Generally, nice guys are not successful at dating, and it’s something you’ll want to read if people in your life think you’re “too nice”. Nice guys believe that if you’re nice they will get love and have their needs met; when it doesn’t happen, they just do more nice things. They bend over backwards for their partners and avoid conflicts, even to their detriment.

You want to be careful about swinging too far out of the Mr. Nice Guy zone, though. Assholes don’t get the girls either. Find a more detailed summary or get your audio version on Amazon.

From the Book: Humans connect with humans. Hiding one’s humanity and trying to project an image of perfection makes a person vague, slippery, lifeless, and uninteresting.

9. DateOnomics – Jon Birger

As the name suggests, DateOnomics gives you some numbers and graphs on dating that you’ll be very interested to know. This is probably the most eye-opening title on dating and relationships, one that will have you going “Aha!” every second sentence.

From the Book: Robert M. Solow, the Nobel Prize winner for the theory of economic growth, once said, ‘Everything reminds Milton [Friedman] of the money supply. Well, everything reminds me of sex, but I keep it out of the paper.’

Well, Solow might have missed something economically significant by not linking sex with economic growth.

10. Models – Mark Manson

Models is something between a book on dating strategies and techniques, self-development and high-level mindsets. It features no higher on this list because it’s a little less man-oriented and more “general public audience”.

As a result, the author takes more safe positions – perhaps because he actually believes in them or he was trying to appeal to a more diverse audience. Models is, still, a well-written text coming from someone with a secure and healthy mindset, which makes for a great read. It might not be ideal if you’re looking for a fun dating experience instead of settling down with just one girl.

Get a more detailed summary or find your copy on Amazon.


This here is the most suitable list of books that will give you tips on dating women and finding love, regardless of where you are. There’s something for the nice guy, the alpha male, the normal guy, the guy who wants to have some fun – everyone can find help here. Use it to make your own dating life a worthwhile experience.

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