12 Most Common Hair Questions And Their Answers

When it comes to caring for your hair, it seems as if everyone has a different opinion about what you should—and shouldn’t—do. This can make it awfully difficult to figure out which route to take which means that, if you’re like most people, you do nothing while you continue to try to find the answers to your most burning hair-related questions, failing to get the relief you’re working so hard to find. Everyone has the same common hair questions but no answers.

Well, look no more because this is your final destination which contains the twelve most common hair-related questions, as well as their answers which are provided by some of top medical and hair care experts, ensuring that the information you receive is truly going to end your search once and for all.

1 – Help! My hair is too frizzy. What can I do?

The main culprit behind frizz is dry hair. That is why Louise Chang, MD, Internist and Medical Expert at WebMD recommends that you limit heat-based styling devices, use hair conditioner regularly, and look for products that don’t contain alcohol. Additionally, avoid running a brush or comb through your hair when it is dry as that can make matters worse.

2 – How often should I get my hair cut?

Ideally, you want to have a hair appointment around the six week mark. Your hair will grow somewhere around ½ inch in this length of time, which can affect your style. Not to mention, split ends can make it difficult to manage, making a cut necessary if you don’t want to fight with it every morning.

3 – I seem to be losing a lot of hair. Is that normal?

Medical experts (like Dr. Oz) on Sharecare.com suggest that you naturally lose anywhere from 50 to 200 strands of hair per day, which can definitely seem like a lot, especially when you’re constantly picking it off your clothes. However, some medications can also create hair loss, as can certain medical conditions. So, if you feel like you’re losing more than you should, you might want to see your physician to rule out other causes.

4 – What is the best way to go from a short cut to a longer one?

Celebrity stylist Garren, from Garren New York salon which is located on Fifth Avenue, revealed the answer to Allure when sharing what he did for Victoria Beckham when she began growing her hair out. His recommendation is to skip your haircuts for four months, then get a bob. Wait another 4-6 months and then go for layers.

5 – Is there any way to get rid of split ends without cutting it?

The hair care experts seem to agree that the only way to remove split ends is to get them trimmed via a cut. However, you can reduce their likelihood by using moisturizing products, not combing your hair when it is wet, and limiting the amount of heat you apply to it via curling irons, flat irons, and hair dryers.

6 – How do I add volume to my extremely fine hair?

Because fine hair is so easily weighted down, your key to creating volume is to use products that are light and designed specifically for fine hair. When in doubt, ask your stylist for his or her recommendation keeping your particular hair type in mind.

7 – Should you condition oily hair?

Hair care experts Jawed Habib (leading beauty salon in India) and Jean Claude Biguine (hair stylist with over 300 salons in 17 different countries) weighed in on this question with iDiva.com and they feel that oily hair should be conditioned every other week. Their recommended product if this is your hair type is Henna.

8 – I’m not getting my hair colored until I get out of work. So, is it okay to shampoo it that morning?

According to Healthy Cells Magazine, while it is okay to shampoo the day of your color, it is best to not as your natural oils will help protect your scalp from the sometimes overpowering chemicals and your strands better absorb the color, providing you better results.

9 – How do I freshen my hair after my workout without making it look all crazy?

Hitting your hair with heat after your grueling exercise session will only increase your flyaway’s and make you hotter than you already are. To give your hair a little oomph without creating either of these issues, hit it with cool air from your hair dryer instead. That will take care of the moisture without making you sweat.

10 – Does plucking grey hair make it come back in force?

Fortunately, the answer to this question is no. However, Shana Kolodziej, licensed cosmetologist at Great Clips and blogger on The Clip Artist, says that you should still leave your greys alone as pulling them hurts your roots and opens you up for infections.

11 – What is the best way to increase the life of my color?

The hair care experts at Clairol suggest that you will lengthen the amount of time that your color treatments last if you:
• Use hair care products specifically designed for color treated hair
• Limit your time in the sun
• Wash your hair after spending any time in a pool or ocean

12 – I’ve heard that what I eat affects my hair. Is that true?

Absolutely! Your diet can have a huge impact on your hair. C•Health, a website “powered by MediResource,” suggests that you can improve the quality of your hair by eating a diet high in protein, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Some foods to consume include salmon, eggs, carrots, beans, and dark green veggies.

There you have it, the twelve most common hair care questions, and their answers, from the experts. If only everything else in life were bundled together nice and neat like this.

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