9 Tips to Make Your Hair More Healthy and Stunning This Year

9 Tips to Make Your Hair More Healthy and Stunning This Year

Although it just sits on top of our head and effects nothing health-wise going on in our bodies, hair has a funny way of either making or breaking our day.

When it looks great, we feel great – ready to conquer the world no matter what tries to get in our way. When it isn’t cooperating, we feel like throwing our brush out the window and pulling a Britney Spears, circa 2007! Right?

If you want to reel in your wild and crazy hair this year, keep reading for 9 tips that will have you looking and feeling stunning in no time, without spending much more time than you do already on your hair care routine.

1. Hang onto that bottle of hair conditioner that comes with your hair dye.

Those little hair conditioner bottles that come in over-the-counter boxes of hair dye contain silicone that will coat your hair with a protective moisture barrier. Not only will they protect your hair in extreme humidity and cold, they’re also perfect for making your hair pop and shine for special events.

Use this trick sparingly, as silicone conditioning products can actually dry your hair out when used all the time. Carry a tube in your purse for whenever a hair emergency unfolds in your life!

2. Tie your hair up before hitting the sheets.

The best thing you can do to keep your hair from getting too unruly while you sleep is to tie it into a couple of braids on either side of your head. That way, when you wake up, there will be fewer tangles and frizzing, making your morning hair routine that much easier to get done quickly.

3. Sleep on a silk pillow.

If you’ve ever wondered just what happened to your hair through the night when looking at yourself in the mirror every morning, the answer’s simple: Your pillow messed up your hair! Pillows are rough, creating friction that tangles, bends, and mats your hair.

A silk pillow, while certainly a few bucks more than polyester or cotton, will create way less friction, leaving your hair better prepared for styling when you wake up.

4. Slap on a quick-drying towel or turban after washing.

Heat really does a number on your hair. So does excessive rubbing with a towel. Quick drying towels are meant to be put on your head after a light towel rubbing. You can take care of makeup and other grooming while the towel gently draws excess moisture from your hair. They significantly reduce your hair’s time under the dryer and can be hung up anywhere in the bathroom to dry after using.

5. Use coconut and almond oil in place of washing a few times a week.

By now, we’ve all been made aware of the benefits that come from adding coconut and almond oil to the hair, skin, and teeth. However, they’re both uber beneficial for hair health.

Many people still insist on washing with harsh shampoos and conditioners, often more than once a day. Applying some coconut and/or wonderful smelling almond oil and rubbing into the hair and scalp can act as a rejuvenating and healthy alternative to washing your hair all the time.

No need to spend tons of money on specialized products, use organic coconut or almond oil directly off the shelf of your local grocery store!

6. Show your hair how much you love it with an avocado hair mask.

Nothing tells your hair “I love you” like a delightful avocado hair mask, which can be whipped up in two minutes in the kitchen. Follow this aged Colombian recipe:

• Mash one avocado (size doesn’t matter)
• Combine with two egg whites, and mix well.

Then just add it to your hair for 15 minutes minimum, wash out with a gentle shampoo, and you’re done. No conditioner needed after soaking your hair in this delightfully moisturizing all-natural formula!

7. Spend more time at the stylist getting quick “touch ups”.

Split ends are a style killer, we all know that. Whenever you have split ends, tangles and frizziness are sure to follow you around wherever you go. Experts recommend developing a relationship with your stylist (if you don’t have one already), and asking them if you can stop in every couple of weeks for a “micro trim.”

See if they can offer a lower rate to make it affordable to do so as often as possible. Micro trims only take a few minutes and make it easier to style and maintain your hair. Celebrities get these all the time, which is why they always look perfect in front of the camera.

8. Eat plenty of omega-3 containing foods and supplements for long, lustrous hair.

Many cultures, like those found in South America, revere long and shiny hair above all else. Omega-3 is thought to be the secret many of these cultures have been hiding for their magnificent hair. Now, those of us in the west and other parts of the world are finally catching on.

Eat lots of omega-3 containing foods like sardines, wild Atlantic salmon, and oysters. If you’re concerned about taking in too much mercury, consider using a supplement containing at least 700 mg of combined epa/dha per dose, and take them in the morning and evening before bed.

9. Embrace the power of cold water.

If you’ve ever spent any time at a sauna, you’ve likely heard that the best thing to do after sweating out all those toxins is to rinse off with a cold shower, to seal up your pores. This trick has a similar effect on hair after you’ve finished shampooing and conditioning with a gentle, non-drying formulation.

Turn the water to as cool or cold as you can handle and douse your hair for about thirty seconds to a minute. This trick might sound more than slightly psychotic, but it’ll seal in that moisture and make your hair much easier to style afterword.

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Here’s to looking and feeling the best version of yourself this year and all that follow!

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