5 Age-Old Remedies That Still Work on Today’s Most Common Hair Problems

5 Age-Old Remedies That Still Work on Today’s Most Common Hair Problems

Even though modern-day technology has the capacity of making our lives easier and better in various different ways, nothing beats the age-old advice you can get from grandma or grandpa. And though they grew up in a much different world than we live in today, a lot of their suggestions still work as flawlessly as they did in yesteryears. In fact, some of them work better because they’re based on natural remedies, which means that they are a lot healthier for us than most of the products available on store shelves.

In fact, if you go back even further in time, to our grandparent’s grandparents and beyond, then you’ll find yourself privy to some of the most time-tested hair care remedies that are still in existence today. What are these remedies? I thought you’d never ask…

African Black Soap, Which is Great for Moisturizing Your Hair and Your Scalp

You’ve likely heard that coconut oil is wonderful for your hair, providing it with both moisture and shine. Well, that is what African Black Soap, a soap that has been used by West Africans for centuries, is made of, which means that it a great shampoo to use if you want luscious locks. It also contains a lot of key vitamins and minerals that strengthen your hair, making it look and feel healthier.

Another benefit of African Black Soap is that it is soothing to your scalp. It helps heal any dry skin you have on your head, which controls your dandruff and reduces the itchiness you may sometimes feel. You can find it at most any supermarket or pharmacy that sells haircare products, or you can buy it on Amazon. Most bottles are under $15, and if you want it in bar-form to use on your skin, you get those for less than $10.

Yucca Can Prevent Hair Loss

Legend has it that Native Americans used yucca plants to help prevent baldness (by putting it on their skin, not by eating it). And there must be some truth to it because the National Park Service in New Mexico issues a stern reminder on their website that these “native plants can not be collected in the park” after it shares the history of using yucca plants to help keep a head full of hair.

Just as with the African Black Soap, you can find shampoos with yucca in them at most any store that sells haircare products. However, you can also buy the plant itself and harvest the leaves to make your own shampoo concoction. While it won’t necessarily reverse the hair loss process, it can stop it from getting worse, which is better than nothing.

Amla Oil (Gooseberry) To Stop Premature Graying of Hair

Although gray hair may look sexy on a man, most women don’t have this same fondness when it strikes their own head. Of course, one option is to regularly color your hair to hide the gray, but a more natural option is to use amla oil, also known as Indian gooseberry, which is effective enough to make number one on the list of Top 10 Home Remedies for premature graying of hair.

The reason amla is so effective is that it contains vitamin C and antioxidants—two substances that help fight aging. To use it best, just put it in a frying pan with coconut oil until the mixture is charred. Once it is cooled, put it on your head and then wash it out after an hour or so. You can also leave it on overnight if you’d like, but you’ll probably want to make sure you’re wearing a cover over your head so that you don’t get the oil all over your pillow.

Sardines for Longer, Shinier Hair

You don’t see many people eating sardines nowadays (unless they follow the Mediterranean Diet), but they used to be a more standard menu fare in years past. What makes them so beneficial to your hair? They contain a decent amount of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin D.

If you don’t really like sardines, you can also get the same benefits from salmon, walnuts, oysters, and eggs. All of these food items provide key nutrients for your hair, making it longer, shinier, and healthier in the process.

Apple Cider Vinegar to Heal Dry Hair

A lot of grandmothers use apple cider vinegar to heal most anything that ails them, from sunburn to a cold. However, this type of vinegar also works to help heal dry hair, which is what helps it earn its spot on this list of age-old hair remedies that still work today.

Ideally, you want to put it on your hair and scalp full strength to rehydrate it, but you can also use a diluted version if you can’t stand the odor.

Although the full strength cider should be washed out after 10 minutes or so, you can leave the diluted version on without having to rinse it.

These five remedies have been around longer than you and I combined. Try one or try them all. No matter what, the moral is the same: Grandma knows best.

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