Top 34 Foods Highest in Vitamin A (Infographic)

Top 34 Foods Highest in Vitamin A (Infographic)

Vitamin A is the key to healthy, smooth and silky skin. It’s converted to retinoic acid which signals older skin cells to shed and fresh skin to come to the surface. People are often surprised to learn that this process which keeps our skin looking supple, smooth and vibrant wouldn’t take place without vitamin A (“retinol”). For this reason, you’ll find retinol as an ingredient in many anti-wrinkle serums and high end moisturizers. In higher doses, it’s also used to treat persistent acne that won’t respond to less aggressive treatments.

Vitamin A becomes even more important inside the body, helping to control oxidative damage caused by mutated cells called “ROS” (Reactive Oxygen Species). ROS, left unchecked leads to premature aging and even cancer when the cells inside our body are exposed to toxic levels for extended periods of time.

Nearly ¾ of a million children die before the age of 5 every year because they don’t get enough vitamin A.

top 34 natural food sources of vit A

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