25 Foods High in Vitamin C (Infographic)

25 Foods High in Vitamin C (Infographic)

Vitamin C is the body’s number one antioxidant, removing dangerous free radicals from the bloodstream. Left unchecked, these free radicals cause irreversible heart disease. Worse, the side-effects of not getting enough compound over a lifetime, often resulting in cell damage that’s often irreversible such as cancer, damaged arteries, and autoimmune diseases of all kinds.

Science has shown that taking just 250 mg a day can reduce one’s risk of heart disease by as much as 37 percent. When we become sick or overly stressed, our immune system immediately becomes deficient in vitamin C, requiring even more of it in the form of supplements and dietary sources. While some vitamins can be dangerous when taken in high doses, vitamin C is not one of them, because it’s a water-soluble vitamin that cannot accumulate in the body.

top 25 foods high in vitamin C

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