Precor 9.23 Treadmill Review

Precor 9.23 Treadmill Review

Precor: The Brand, Then and Now. If there’s only one piece of home fitness equipment you’re prepared to buy, it should be a treadmill. And if it’s brand name recognition you desire, there’s only one brand to turn to, and that’s Precor. Precor is a pioneer in the treadmill and indeed the entire fitness equipment industry. They own more patents than you can shake a leg at, having pretty much invented the elliptical, the cross trainer, and the cushioned treadmill.

Since they came out with the first cushioned treadmill in 1990, many more fitness brands have come into play. However, in almost a quarter century, Precor has managed to maintain its reputation for quality fitness products, evidenced by their strong presence in gyms, hotels, and homes throughout the world, not to mention consistently rave reviews on their treadmills.

What the Reviews Say About Precor the Brand

But when you’ve got a brand with a golden reputation and a significant market share, you’re also going to end up paying a premium. It’s true: Precor treadmills cost more. So, while some Precor treadmills may be the best on the market, they’re not always the best value for everyone. If you’re on a budget, you should expand your search and consider other brands.

However, there is one model that’s value-priced, the Precor 9.23 Treadmill with Ground Effects Technology. It is a good, solid entry-level treadmill that offers even budget-minded consumers a chance at top quality from a top brand name. This model is Precor’s value-priced treadmill which offers Precor quality in a basic package, without all the frills.


What the Reviews Say About Precor 9.23 (Positive)

Shock Absorption

Even this most basic, entry level Precor treadmill boasts their patented suspension system, for which their brand is famous. Many of the people who have bought this treadmill are serious runners, logging XXX miles per week. This means they really put that Ground Effects Technology to the test. There’s not one customer who has reported a problem with knees, ankles, hips or any other impact-related body part due to running on the 9.23 treadmill.

Noise & Motor

For a treadmill in this price range, it’s unusual to be rated with such a stunningly high weight limit. That’s Precor quality for you. This treadmill can handle up to a 500 pound person, or 350 pounds if running. This is simply unheard of. But how’s the experience of a heavy person running on the 9.23? Even heavier customers report a very stable platform and a quiet motor.

What all this speaks to is the excellent quality of the 3.0 CHP motor. When a 3.0 motor (not the most HP in the industry, mind you) can handle a 300 pound person running on it day after day and still deliver a quiet experience, you’ve got a superior level of quality.

Over and over again, what customers choose to comment on is how quiet the motor is.


Customer reviews are consistent in reporting a sturdy, stable platform- no shaking, vibrating, shimmying, whatsoever. Multiple users say, in varying ways, that it feels as solid as the commercial grade treadmills at their local gym. Even treadmill mechanics, who see many brands and ranges of quality, report they are impressed with the Precor 9.23’s construction- heavy duty belt, thick deck, strong drive belt, and high quality parts in general.

Warranty & Customer Service

Experiences with customer service are extremely favorable. One customer reports that she called Precor about the belt on her 9.23 model, and was connected to someone in the US immediately. Others report receiving follow-up calls on issues they’d had, which they appreciated. All customers, even those who had tricky issues with their 9.23, reported a strong sense that customer service reps at Precor genuinely care and want you to be satisfied and are willing to do what it takes to make their customers happy.

As for Warranty, the 5 year warranty on parts is excellent. Lifetime warranty on frame and welds is standard. It would be nice if there was a 2-year warranty on labor, but nobody has reported a problem that wasn’t resolved within the first year so this doesn’t seem to be an issue with the throngs of Precor 9.23 customers. Anyone who has reported issues with parts, or the treadmill simply not working, has noticed the problem right away- problems are not a result of wear and tear but for the most part defects with individual “lemon” machines, and very few of them at that.

What the Reviews Say About The Precor 9.23 (Negative)

Console & Features

Customer negatives included:

  • lack of user IDs
  • lack of side rails
  • handle grip heart rate monitors aren’t reliable
  • cup holders are shallow
  • can’t save your settings
  • doesn’t keep track of 100ths of a mile


There’s only one Precor treadmill that costs under $2000, and this model is it. The only way for budget-minded consumers to afford the level of quality of a treadmill like Precor, is to give up some of the “frills” which add to price but which not all people need or want. Yes, some fancy features are missing from the Precor 9.23, but customers appreciate the sturdy, quiet smooth treadmill and excellent customer service and everything else they’re able to have access to, without paying in the “normal” Precor price range.

By the way, those with a lot of experience fixing treadmills have reported not only that Precors are solid quality with fewer service calls, but also that all the so-called “frills” add to the list of things that can wrong. This is especially true of electronics…the fancier the gadget, the more likelihood there is for something to go wrong.

If it’s frills you want…fans, MP3 player connection, telemetry heart rate monitoring etc, and you want a treadmill for under $2000 then you will have to look elsewhere, at other brands that may not have the quality for which Precor is known for.

If you want more frills, pre-set programs and the like try another Precor model, but it will cost at least $500 more. If you want reliability, quality, a strong quiet motor and a sturdy platform, with top notch quality construction, parts and customer service all for under $2000 then the Precor 2.3 Treadmill with Ground Effects Technology is a solid bet.