Precor 9.33 Treadmill Review

Precor 9.33 Treadmill Review

If quality is what you want, then users consistently recommend one brand in particular, and it’s Precor. Even their entry-level treadmill models feature quality parts and construction which serve for many years. One after another, customer reviews show owners who’ve owned Precor treadmills for over ten years with hardly a problem at all.

Be prepared to pay more for this quality, but their entry level models are thoughtfully pared down to the bare bones of treadmill necessities, so no matter what your budget, you can afford a Precor. No bells & whistles, just a good solid treadmill.

But if it’s extra features you want, Precor can deliver in this category as well… enter the Precor 9.33 Premium Series Treadmill. There are two categories of Precor treadmills: the Home Series and the Premium Home Series. Basically the difference is the variety of features, some of which are:

  • user IDs
  • more programs: 16 in all
  • Personal Best Tracker
  • Password protection
  • Premium Full Length Arms
  • a reversible deck
  • 10 year warranty parts and wear items (as opposed to the 5 year warranty on Home Series treadmills)


What the Reviews Say About Precor the Brand

Even customers who give Precor Treadmills less than the full 5 stars consistently use words like “sturdy”, “quality” and “durable” to describe products from this company. “Like ones you would find a gym” are commonly expressed ideas, too. Precor continues to have the best reputation among customers, even after more than 25 years in the business.

What the Reviews Say About the Precor 9.33 Premium Series Treadmill (Positive)

Shock Absorption

Consumers who purchased the Precor 9.33 report excellent experiences with the deck, as far as cushioning goes. Runners love the Ground Effects Impact Control and the Integrated Footplant Technology. The latter is a Premium feature not found on the 9.23 and 9.27 models. One review called this a “knee saver”.

Even users who were “heavier” and had bad knees reported loving the cushioning on the 9.33. Another thing that helps is Precor’s Integrated Footplant Technology, available on all their Premium Home Series treadmills. The treadmill “magically” adjusts to the user’s stride, which makes for a natural running or walking experience.

So many reviews seemed to mention the cushioning, and how much they loved running on the 9.33, that their knees never felt worn out even after running. The Integrated Footplant Technology appears to be well worth the extra cost of Precor’s Premium treadmills.

Superior shock absorption seems to be the winning feature of the 9.33 Premium treadmill. Even people with foot issues reported a great run on this treadmill.

Noise & Motor

The Premium Series cost more than the home Series, but it’s the same quiet, powerful motor at 3.0 CHP. This motor is almost without a doubt the quietest treadmill motor available, if you survey reviews on this treadmill.


Solid, across the board, was the term used by users on the sturdiness of the platform. Even after owning this treadmill several years, reviewers report a continued solid frame experience. Even when the incline is set to a very high 15, users report a solid feeling when power walking at this angle. The base does not shake in any way, they say. Users who gave very short reviews and otherwise had little to say, chose to talk about how solid and stable the machine felt.

Console & Features

Here’s another area where Precor’s Premium Series treadmills really go beyond what the Home Series have to offer. This is no entry level treadmill any more, and customers who paid for Precor quality expect good features. In general, they were satisfied. If there is a trend to be seen in Precor treadmill customer reviews, besides excellent quality, solid construction and a quiet motor, it’s that these customers seem to be more often than not serious runners. In general they seem to be seasoned treadmill users, who know that paying for quality is worth it in the long run.

Therefore, many Precor users just don’t care much about how many programs there are, whether or not there’s a fan, a TV, internet, and other fancy features. They’ve been running for years, long before these kinds of features were even dreamed of.

Nevertheless, one of the more popular features with users is the “login” feature which allows up to 2 users to save their settings. This means no punching in weight, age, etc every time you work out. Simply enter your User ID and password and the treadmill has your info stored in its computer. It not only remembers your profile but also your workouts, which you can save and use again every time with the pressing of a button.

Warranty & Customer Service

Customers report excellent experiences customer service when it comes to “cashing in” on the warranty. One owner of a Precor 9.33 had a belt and the rear rollers replaced at no cost…after nine years of use! Reviewers report very positive and even pleasant experiences when calling customer service, even when it was for “issues” with their machines (which, by the way are few and far between).

What the Reviews Said (Negative)

All in all, users had only good things to say about the Precor 9.33 Premium Series Treadmill. There were a few negative issues in otherwise glowing reviews, however. These included:

  • flimsy motor cover (plastic)
  • the on/off switch in bad location
  • touch heart rate monitor is not reliable (this is consistent with other reviews of all Precor treadmills)
  • fan switch is under the machine & hard to get to

That’s it! Even with more things that can go wrong on a treadmill (a more complex console and more extra features) this model shines with reviewers. In fact, it was hard to find any “cons” at all on the 9.33.

One user had a very experience with her 9.33 treadmill and with customer service but this seems to be a “lemon” situation, as it it completely inconsistent with scores of other Precor treadmill reviews.

As one user said, you get what you pay for. Judging from the summary of users’ negative issues with the Precor 9.33, it certainly does seem to be true with the model.