Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5 Electric Shaver Review

Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5 Electric Shaver Review

The ES-LV61-A is one of the least expensive shavers in Panasonic’s Arc5 lineup, and manages to accomplish this feat without sacrificing the quality that this unique lineup of Panasonic shavers are known for. This electric foil shaver comes with 5 flexible shaving heads built in, which allow the user to shave up-down or side-to-side if they wish.

The sleek half n’ half blue/black casing has a stylish and unique look, and the lack of a cleaning/charging stand makes this Arc5 shaver one of the best deals ever, especially if you’re looking for a great gift for that special man in your life. In short, the wet/dry ES-LV61-A will deliver the closest, most pain-free electric shave you’ve ever experienced in your life.

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Let’s look a little closer at what makes this Arc5 shaver so special:

Nanotech Blades

Inside the heads rest 5 Panasonic Nanotech blades. Each blade is manufactured to contact the foil screens at a perfect 30-degree angle. These hypoallergenic stainless steel blades are designed to cut hairs right at their root and last for up to 18 months of continuous shaving without becoming dull.

Lift-Tech Foil System

The unique tri-foil Lift-Tech foil system on the ES-LV61-A is responsible for lifting and trapping the hairs, so the Nanotech blades can do their job most effectively. The head consists of 3 foils: Lift-Tech Foil, Finishing Foil, and Quick-Comb Blade. The Lift-Tech foil is reverse-tapered to help trap stubborn hairs that like to lie close to the skin. The finishing foil is designed to trap course and thin hairs that tend to stand up. Last, the Quick-Comb Blade is designed to trap longer hairs, so the blade can cut them without ripping them from their roots.

Multi-Flex Pivoting Head

The Multi-Flex pivoting head on this Arc5 foil shaver is made to hug all the contours of a man’s face, or body, if you choose to use it as a body groomer. The 25-degree head pivots effortlessly when shaving up and down, while shaving side-to-side offers up to 20-degrees in flexibility. This allows you to shave in whatever direction is comfortable, preventing both hand and arm cramping, and all-round shaving frustration. This design element, as with the blades and tri-foil system, are designed to cut shaving time down by reducing the number of passes needed on a given area of the face or neck, which also helps to prevent skin irritation.

Hyper Performance Linear Motor

Panasonic were the first in class to offer up more powerful motors in their shavers. When everyone else was offering 10,000 CPM (cuts-per-minute) motors in their premium shavers, Panasonic chose to offer 13,000 CPM in theirs. Now, the Arc4 and Arc5 shavers all get a Hyper Performance motor capable of 14,000 CPM, and can deliver that performance right up until the battery dies. The more powerful the motor inside, the less tugging and pulling experienced while shaving with an electric.

Wet/Dry Shaving

The Panasonic ES-LV61 can be used wet or dry. It has a waterproof case that can withstand the user standing in the shower and shaving, or simply rinsing it off under the tap. Panasonic has designed their Arc5 series of shavers to be used with shave lotion, gel, or foam for maximum shaving comfort. This allows for virtually irritation-free shaving, while also making keeping your shaver clean easier than ever.

Sonic Vibration Cleaning Mode

Panasonic realized years ago that rinsing their shaver under a running tap didn’t always get the heads 100% clean, especially when using a lubricant to shave. To combat this drawback, they started including a sonic vibration feature, which uses a second dedicated motor to make the head vibrate much like a sonic toothbrush does, in order to get the heads as clean as possible. The sonic vibration also helps to dry the heads after you’re done rinsing.

LCD and Power-Saving Features

The Panasonic ES-LV61 has a 10-stage LCD readout on the handle, to let you know exactly how much power reserve you have left after every shave. The company has really refined this feature over the years to the point where it’s highly accurate right down to the very last bar. A rotating travel lock is also included to prevent the unit from turning on and running the battery down while its tucked in a briefcase, handbag, or suitcase.

Pop-Up Trimmer

Pop-up trimmers for styling the sideburns and other beard styles on the face are pretty much standard on any electric shaver these days. Still, the pop-up trimmer on this Arc5 is designed much better than most. It comes out of the rear of the shaver nice and straight and away from the machine, to make trimming and styling really easy to accomplish.

Overall Impression of the ES-LV61-A:

With all the face-friendly technology on board this Arc5 shaver, it would be hard to find a single flaw worth mentioning.

The lack of a cleaning stand might be considered a drawback to some, but in reality you’re saving anywhere from $50 – $100 by not getting one, depending on what’s on sale when you buy. Also, the battery life isn’t amazing with this shaver, but none of the Arc4 or Arc5 shavers will ever give you several great shaves in between charges; it takes power to drive the Hyper Performance 14,000 CPM motor and the 5 sets of foil heads. Basically, you have to sacrifice battery life for the extreme shaving comfort the ES-LV61-A offers.

Overall, the ES-LV61-A does a phenomenal job shaving the entire face, particularly when a quality shave lotion or gel is applied a few minutes before shaving. You won’t find a more comfortable wet/dry at such a great price anywhere. The fact that the heads are designed to run 18 months without changing (compared to 12 for most other brands) is also a definite money-saving plus.


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