Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor Review

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor Review

The ES-LA93-K foil shaver with pop-up trimmer from Panasonic comes with really exciting features. Features which, as you’ll soon learn, put it in direct competition with electric shavers costing $100 more and up.

This edition of Panasonic’s popular Arc4 series is one of the most refined and stylish shavers they’ve ever released. A smooth and glossy black casing makes it a great display piece for the bathroom when not in use, while the ergonomic design of the handle and technological refinements inside make the ES-LA93-K an absolute pleasure to use.

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The Panasonic ES-LA93-K was designed for ultimate comfort-of-use in mind. The sharp looking casing and included charging/cleaning stand scream quality, but the glass-like finish on the handle of the shaver is deceiving; it’s very easy to hang onto and control even when wet. The two operational buttons (on/off and travel lock) are very easy to push with the thumb too.

This shaver runs very smooth while in use. There’s no herky-jerky feel to it like you’ll find with older shavers. The user remains flawlessly in control of their shave at all times. The ergonomic design, along with a powerful 14,000 CPM power plant help to offer the very finest in comfort available in the electric shaver market.

Foil Heads

The Multi-Flex pivoting heads contain the highest quality foils on the market. Four independent heads, with ultra-precise Nanotech blades inside each pivot individually to accommodate the curvature of your unique facial landscape with ease.

The foils themselves are made of 100% stainless hypoallergenic steel that’s stamped ultra-thin to make for the closest shave possible. One surprising feature is the ability to move the foils sideways over the face and still get a close shave.

If you’re converting to foil from a rotary shaver design, the ES-LA93-K won’t cause you to skip a beat in the transition. This feature is due to a second auxiliary motor mounted inside to create a vibrating effect that lifts the hairs and straightens them to clip facial hair as close to the surface as possible.

30-Degree Nanotech Blades

The 4 sets of stainless steel Nanotech blades contained within the shaving heads are honed to 30-degrees in order to allow for the tightest tolerances possible between the foils and blades themselves. This gives the user a clean, close shave without causing the blades to heat up and/or wear out too quickly.

This makes for a very close shave and as mentioned, the hypoallergenic foils ensure little to no irritation, even when shaving with the Arc4 for the very first time. The wet/dry ability of the razor further minimizes irritation, allowing for the use of shaving lotion or gel, while shaving in the shower if you wish to minimize irritation-causing friction to the surface of the skin.

14,000 Cuts-Per-Minute

Panasonic realizes that under-powering a shaver isn’t doing their fan-base any favors. Most of the shavers out there operate in a range of 10,000 cuts-per-minute or less. The low powered motors they use are responsible for the “tugging” or plucking of hairs that so many men have come to expect when using an electric shaver; particularly a low quality foil shaver.

A powerful 14,000 CPM motor inside the ES-LA93-K powers the rotary cutting action of the blades inside the 4 foil heads, while a second smaller motor vibrates the foils, causing hairs to stand up before being neatly trimmed just above skin level during the shave.

The second motor is also responsible for enabling “Sonic Vibration Mode” which is how the machine cleans itself, whether under running water or while mounted in the cleaning stand during a cleaning/charging cycle.


The wet/dry functionality offered on the ES-LA93-K Arc4 isn’t just splash-proof like you’ll find on a lot of other supposed wet/drys. You can stick the entire unit under running water, with it turned on, and not worry about getting zapped or destroying your premium foil shaver. The shaver is designed equally to be used either in front of the mirror or while standing under the shower.

The sonic vibration feature is also perfect for men who like to shave with a lotion or gel – when you run the heads under water with sonic vibration enabled, the blades come clean within seconds, without slowing you down on those fast and furious morning shaves before work.

Cleaning System

The charging stand is also a cleaning station. When you place the shaver into the station and turn it on, it begins to charge the shaver while cycling it on and off in Sonic Vibration Mode to clean the heads thoroughly. The station takes individual cleaning solution packs sold by Panasonic.

The nice feature about the cleaning station is that it also contains a reusable filter that cleans the hairs from the solution whenever you use it, prolonging the life of each packet of cleaning solution. You can clean the shaver several times before the solution needs to be changed.

Quick Charge Battery

For those who don’t have time to sit around and wait for their shaver to charge, you’ll be glad to know that the ES-LA93-K quick charges, with a full charge from empty battery taking no more than an hour to complete. The charging station itself uses universal voltage, so you can use your shaver wherever in the world you might find yourself at any given time.

Battery life is displayed on the handle using a ten-stage LED bar system to give you the most accurate reading possible. On average, most men will enjoy three full shaves before a charge is necessary.

One slight drawback of the charging system used on this Arc4 is that you obviously can’t use it while charging, as you have to place the shaver in the charging stand to do so (the ES-LA93-K doesn’t come with a charging adapter).

One of the Best Foil Shavers on the Market

Unless you want to spend over $100 more on one of the Arc5 shavers (with 5 heads instead of 4), the ES-LA93-K with included cleaning/charging stand is really the best foil shaver you can buy currently.

It doesn’t just look high class, it performs that way too. This Arc4 comes with a two-year warranty and has the potential to last for years of trouble-free use when you replace the foil heads and blades as recommended.


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