What Is Argan Oil, and Why Your Skin Needs It Now

What Is Argan Oil, and Why Your Skin Needs It Now

Argan oil is often referred to as liquid gold in the beauty industry. This all-natural product has numerous benefits for the skin, hair, nails, and body overall. As such, it’s no wonder that it’s taken the cosmetic and natural beauty industry by storm.

While argan oil is nothing new, it’s never late to learn more about the argan oil benefits that could change your life. Here are the facts you need to know about argan oil and why your skin needs it now.

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is a pure extract from the argan tree, which is endemic to Morocco. The oil is extracted from an arduous, hands-on process that has a low yield. The argan fruit is picked from the tree, air-dried and peeled to expose the nut under the pulp. Within the nut, which is cracked by hand, are three kernels. The kernels are pressed and filtered to extract the oil.

Not only does the naturalness of this product help reduce chemical use in the home, but the increased demand for argan oil has had a positive impact, both ecologically and socially. These nutrient-rich plants enrich the soil, supporting local farming initiatives. Additionally, the need for manual labor helps employ the women of Morocco.

Why Your Skin Craves Argan Oil

As previously mentioned, argan oil has a lot of incredible properties. Here are some of the reasons why your skin needs argan oil right now.

Deep Moisturization

The main benefit of argan oil to the skin is that it’s deeply moisturizing. Your skin bears the brunt of your daily activities. You expose it to the sun, dust, and grime, and layers of makeup. Applying argan oil can help revitalize the skin.

Hydrated skin is happy skin. The deep, hydrating effects of argan oil can help repair damage and help fight the signs of aging by maintaining skin elasticity.

Acne Prevention and Healing

If you’ve fought with acne in the past, you may be hesitant to apply oil to your skin. As argan oil absorbs so quickly, it doesn’t leave the same pore-blocking, greasy residue of other natural oils.

One of the primary causes of oily skin is an overproduction of sebum, the lubricating substance that can block pores when produced in excess. What many people fail to understand is that the body often overproduces sebum when the skin is under-hydrated. By moisturizing the skin with argan oil, your body will know to stop overproducing sebum.

Argan oil is also rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties that can help diminish acne. This is especially effective when used with a natural rosewater and witch hazel toner.

Minimizes Other Skin Ailments

In addition to helping treat acne, argan oil can help diminish other skin ailments as well. Those with eczema often have success in using argan oil on their skin as a part of their treatment protocol. Argan oil can also help repair sunspots and reduce their appearance.

Pregnant women love argan oil as a natural way to help offset the appearance or development of stretch marks due to the high content of vitamin E in argan oil. In other words, a small bottle of this product packs a lot of punch.

The best way to learn more about what argan oil can do for you is to buy it and try it. Your skin will thank you.

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