Top 20 Shaving Tips for Women

Top 20 Shaving Tips for Women

Most women who shave their legs, as opposed to waxing or laser treatment, do so an average of 4 days a week. That’s a lot of passes with a razor blade and plenty of invitation for cuts, scratches, bumps and ingrown hairs!

Following these 20 tips can help you achieve silky smooth legs without the irritation that so often results from shaving.

1. Consider easier methods to remove hair.

There are tons of ways to remove hair and prevent the “stubble effect” we all know too well results from shaving. Depilatory creams, waxing, laser, threading: these methods pull the hair out by the root, rather than chopping it off at skin level which always makes stubble an inevitability when the hair starts to grow back.

If these or other methods just aren’t for you, keep reading for more tips about shaving…

2. Exfoliate beforehand.

Taking a few minutes to exfoliate your skin before shaving will keep your razor much cleaner, and make it much more effective by preventing it from gumming up with dead skin.

3. Replace your razor every three shaves.

You want the smoothest most comfortable shave possible. Don’t muck around with a dull razor that’s had the moisture strip wear off already. It’s not worth the irritation and stubbly mess they leave behind!

4. Use an all natural hair conditioner for lubrication.

An all natural hair conditioner like Burt’s Bees is perfect for softening hair, while providing all kinds of lubrication for the razor. It’s also cheaper and better for your skin in the long run than most shave creams and lotions.

5. Down, then up for the win.

All the experts say to shave in the direction of hair growth and call it a day. But, all women know the reality is that you won’t get a smooth, stubble free shave if you don’t go against the grain. For irritation free and silky smooth results, shave with the grain first, re-lather and then go up and against it.

6. Be gentle.

Don’t get aggressive and try to rush it too much. An extra minute or two is better than having to wear blue jeans on your next trip to the beach!

7. Find what method works best for you.

Some women prefer to dry shave areas like their armpits and genital region. Why? They’ve found they get a smoother result that way. Give it a try and see if it works for you!

8. Avoid sideways movements.

This advice is more for the young, inexperienced ladies out there. Never move the head of the blade sideways or you’ll cut yourself. A little focus and the right tools are all that’s needed to prevent injury.

9. Don’t shave over cuts or scars.

These areas are rife for re-injury. Carefully shave around them instead.

10. Bend your knees while shaving.

When you bend your knee it stretches out your skin, making for a closer, nick-free shave.

11. Use the provided protection cover when storing your razor.

This is especially important if you keep your razor in the shower and have clumsy men and/or boys around the house!

12. Male products are often better and cheaper.

Most male razors are on par, price-wise with women, but take a look at some of the fancy shaving creams and after-shave lotions they have. Don’t be afraid to lather up using male shave soap and a brush. Grab some fancy male aftershave balm, like this lavender-scented Lavender Royale!

13. The more blades, the better.

A single bladed safety razor has the potential to offer a closer shave in fewer strokes. However, you’re also going to cut your legs up more times than you can count. Buy a national branded razor with 5 blades for maximum comfort.

14. Give a safety razor a shot.

Finding what works best for you is all about challenging the norm. Many women prefer a safety razor because it saves them money and gives a smoother shave. Take it really easy until you get good at using them, though!

15. Shave whenever you’re in the bath/shower.

As long as you use adequate lubrication, there’s no reason not to touch up your legs whenever they’re wet already.

16. Wax your armpits.

Armpits don’t get to breathe like our legs do. Heat, sweat, and antiperspirant or deodorant make this area prone to post-shaving irritation. It’s better to wax them once every few weeks than deal with the bumps and irritation from shaving.

17. Use natural after shave products.

You don’t have to spend lots of money on the latest potions and lotions post-shave. Try a cold compress and follow up with some all natural aloe vera.

18. Pull your skin taught while shaving.

Flappy skin and razors don’t mix. This can be a particular problem in the bikini area, but also on areas of the upper legs where more loose skin is present. Always pull the skin taught. Spread your legs and shave the bikini area very carefully to avoid cutting yourself.

19. Short strokes work best.

Some areas, such as the calf, can be shaved with longer strokes without too much risk. However, short gentle strokes will always net you better results on all areas of the leg – both in smoothness and irritation reduction.

20. Electric shavers save you money.

There are a ton of great electric shavers and epilators out on the market. With their lift-cut technology, the potential for keeping your legs smooth and silky all the time is made much easier with a one-off purchase of an electric. You have to replace the heads once a year, but the savings really add up when considering how much a 4 pack of Gillette Venus’s cost! Go wet/dry for best results.

That’s it for our shaving tips for women. If you have any tips of your own to share, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Us girls have to stick together!

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