The Best Sound and White Noise Machines

    Sound machine therapy can be a literal life-saver if you’re suffering from poor productivity due to background noise distractions, a snoring partner, noisy household plumbing, loud neighbors, and other distracting noises. Not only can sound machines help you to get and stay to sleep, they help to balance the spirit and improve focus and productivity. They’re also great for infants, toddlers, and children who’re easily awoken.

    Keep reading to learn about the benefits that a quality sound machine can offer, along with the features you should be looking for when it comes time to purchasing one. Feel free to browse our list of the best home/office use, travel and infant-friendly sound machines available currently.

    Top 6 Sound and White Noise Machines

    #1Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine More Info
    #2LectroFan - Fan Sound and White Noise Machine LectroFan – Fan Sound and White Noise Machine More Info
    #3Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise Sound Machine Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine More Info
    #4Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine More Info
    #5Dohm-SS Single Speed Sound Conditioner Marpac Dohm-SS Single Speed All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine More Info
    #6HoMedics SS-2000G/F-AMZ Sound Spa Relaxation Machine HoMedics SS-2000G/F-AMZ Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 6 Nature Sounds More Info

    Top 2 Travel-Friendly Sound and White Noise Machines

    #1Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner Marsona Travel Sound Conditioner More Info
    #2Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner, White Noise Machine Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner, White Noise Machine More Info

    Top 2 Infant Sound and White Noise Machines

    #1Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System More Info
    #2myBaby SoundSpa Portable myBaby SoundSpa Portable Sound Machine More Info

    Benefits of Sound Therapy

    1. Better Sleep

    Not only do soothing background noises help you drift off to sleep better, they also help you stay asleep. Better quality sleep reduces stress, makes your heart healthier and leads to a longer life (learn more).

    2. Reduce Wakefulness in Infants and Toddlers

    Infants and toddlers awake during the night more frequently than adults. Unexpected noises, bad dreams, and other numerous things can lead to this problem leaving them, and you, more tired during the daylight hours. Sleep therapy machines will help them immediately go back to sleep upon awakening: select sleep therapy machines will offer a voice activated feature that turns the machine on as soon as they start to cry.

    3. White Noise Therapy

    The white noise feature offered by many premium sound therapy machines has been scientifically proven to improve sleep, reduce severe tinnitus symptoms, increase focus while working, enhance relaxation while reading and meditating, and restore our natural circadian rhythm (source).

    What to Look for in Sound Therapy and White Noise Machine

    1. Sounds

    If you’re buying the machine for an infant or toddler, the noise the machine makes is very important. You’ll want a machine that offers a variety of soothing sounds – a mix of classical music, instruments and natural nature sounds is recommended. White noise is all most adults need to stay relaxed.

    2. Volume & Tone Adjustment

    Some machines won’t have any sound or tone adjustment. Don’t buy such a machine unless it’s a premium brand product. Otherwise, look for a machine with a volume and tone (also called pitch or richness) adjuster. The advantage of adjusting the volume speaks for itself. Tone is the ability to further fine tune the sound to your preferences, much like an equalizer on a home stereo or mobile sound device.

    3. Portability

    This comes down to personal preferences. If you plan to move the machine from room to room or you spend a lot of time on the road traveling, choose a smaller unit with the ability to run off battery power.

    4. Timer Function

    When sleeping, it’s recommended that you listen to white noise for your entire sleep cycle to get the maximum health and wellness benefits white noise therapy offers. However, if you just want help to drift off to sleep or if you’re using the sound machine to help baby fall asleep, an on/off timer is a handy feature to have so the machine doesn’t run constantly.

    5. Manufacturer’s Reputation

    If you plan to just buy the cheapest machine on the market, the manufacturer’s rep might not matter as much. However, if you’re looking for a true sound therapy machine, spend a few minutes reading up on the manufacturer. Read online reviews about them and the specific machine you’re looking to purchase.

    Review of the Latest and Greatest Sound Therapy and White Noise Machines

    #1.Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine

    Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine

    Where to buy: Amazon

    This Ecotones machine is the crème de la crème of sound and sleep machines. Not only does it look like an amazing bit of technology, the sound variety and control is amazing. There are 10 sounds to choose from: City, Waterfall, White Noise, Fireplace, Rainfall, Brook, Meditation, Ocean, Train, and Meadow. The machine has volume control and 3 richness settings for fine-tuning the level and tone of each sound. The Sound + Sleep is one of a few commercial sound therapy machines that offers true high-definition quality sound.

    The main standout features offered by the Sound + Sleep is that while most machines have a variety of sounds this unit has scientific studies backing the effectiveness of its distinctive sound. Ecotones machine offers the added benefit of composing sound combinations for you on the fly, in case you’re the type of person who gets bored listening to the same noise all the time.

    #2.LectroFan – Fan Sound and White Noise Machine

    LectroFan - Fan Sound and White Noise Machine

    Where to buy: Amazon

    This sound therapy machine from Lectrofan is slightly less expensive than the Marsona above, offering a white noise sound in addition to a mild tabletop fan sound. Both sounds have 10 dynamically generated adjustment levels built in, to make sure you’re not listening to the exact same sound all the time. The various sounds mix and loop automatically, so you don’t have to worry about changing them.

    This machine is travel friendly, running off USB power or the provided wall adapter. One unique feature of this machine is the built-in, multi-band parametric EQ for the sound purists out there who like to fine tune their sound.

    #3.Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine

    Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise Sound Machine

    Where to buy: Amazon

    This Marpac unit is a premium sound therapy machine. Scientifically proven to keep you more relaxed than you would if you didn’t use it. Made for smaller rooms like nurseries, home offices, and bedrooms, it comes in 3 different colors: grey, off-white, and black. If you find the sound of a household fan set on low speed to be soothing, the DOHM-DS is perfect for you. There are no bells and whistles such as timers and fancy buttons here, but that’s because of this machine’s reputation for its relaxing benefits.

    The Marpac DOHM-DS provides one perfectly tuned sound with adjustable volume and frequency. The sound is similar to that of the gentle sound of rushing air (white noise), without the uncomfortable feeling of wind rushing around the room that you’d experience with an actual fan. If you live in a noisy area, this machine will effectively block out or dull most annoying noises, helping you to stay focused and/or relaxed. It comes with an eight-foot power cord, and has a high and low power switch that combines with an easy-to-use twisting cap which fine tunes the sound frequency even further.

    #4.Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine

    Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine

    Where to buy: Amazon

    This Conair product is extremely affordable, retailing at just under $20 on Amazon. It comes with an on/off timer, and 10 soothing nature sounds to add the perfect ambience and background noise to any room in your house. The sounds haven’t been scientifically studied or fine-tuned in any way, like the Marpac DOHM-DS, but they’re well known to be relaxing nonetheless: Tropical Forest, Birdsong, Running Stream, Heartbeat, Summer Night, White Noise, Thunderstorm, Rainfall, Ocean Waves, and Waterfall.

    This machine can be used as a plug-in unit, but also runs off batteries if you want to use it in your toddler’s room. One drawback to this machine is that the volume doesn’t go very high without some distortion being present, which is to be expected considering the low price. However, this would only be a drawback if you know you’re looking for something that’s really loud, such as if you live on a busy city street and leave the window open frequently.

    #5.Marpac Dohm-SS Single Speed All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine

    Dohm-SS Single Speed Sound Conditioner

    Where to buy: Amazon

    The DOHM-SS is a scaled down version of the DOHM-DS reviewed above. It’s a less expensive unit primarily because it doesn’t offer any volume or tone adjustment. However, the scientifically tested fan noise is exactly the same. If you’re looking for a great sound therapy sound machine, but don’t want any frills, this is the machine you’re looking for. The DOHM-SS is a perfect sound machine for people who don’t live in noisy area, but who’re still bothered by the background noise in their home and need some help to relax.

    #6.HoMedics SS-2000G/F-AMZ Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 6 Nature Sounds

    HoMedics SS-2000G/F-AMZ Sound Spa Relaxation Machine

    Where to buy: Amazon

    This sound therapy machine from HoMedics is a really fancy-looking unit for those of you who like your home accessories to look sharp and refined. It’s low-lying inconspicuous design is also perfect for setting on the floor, or mounting it on a desk or shelf. The SS-2000G comes with 6 individual sounds: ocean, summer night, rain, thunder, white noise and brook. It functions both as a plug-in or battery operated machine.

    Like most inexpensive sound machines, white noise purists have said the HoMedics “White Noise” sound doesn’t sound like the soothing sound made by more expensive units like the Marpac or Ecotunes do, but this machine will certainly offer the relaxation and ambience most people need to drown out unpleasant background noises while sleeping, working, or relaxing around the house. There’s an on/off timer perfect for meditation or going to sleep.

    Best Travel-Friendly Sound Therapy and White Noise Machines

    #1.Marsona Travel Sound Conditioner

    Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner

    Where to buy: Amazon

    The high end Marson Travel Sound Conditioner is made specifically for travelers who’re sensitive to the many new, disruptive noises encountered when sleeping in a location other than your own home. This machine uses Solid State Technology to produce only the purest sounds from its premium speaker.

    There are 3 finely-tuned sounds available from this Marsona Travel machine: Surf, Rain, and Waterfall. Marsona are one of the biggest names in sound machines. Buy this unit for its reputation and quality sound rather than its lack of adjustment features or other frills.

    #2.Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner, White Noise Machine

    Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner, White Noise Machine

    Where to buy: Amazon

    Much like the Marpac DOHM-DS, this Sleep Easy machine uses a single sound, the natural sound of moving air, to whisk you off to sleep easily. If sleeplessness has made you a late night TV watcher, you’ve probably seen this machine featured once or twice on infomercials. The volume and tone are adjustable so you can get the sound just right.

    Obviously, the unique sound from this machine can be used for relaxing or concentrating while you work too. This is a great machine for low-level sound. It doesn’t have the volume or tone range that higher priced units will, but it’s affordable and works like it should.

    Best Infant Sound and White Noise Machines

    #1.Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System

    Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System

    Where to buy: Amazon

    The Munchkin Nursery Projector is marketed specifically to help babies stay asleep and relaxed, but it won’t distract parents either, like other crib accessories can. The machine outputs 5 relaxing, baby-friendly Mozart songs: lullaby, twinkle twinkle, eine kleine nachtmusik – along with a few classic lullabies: rock-a-bye, hush little baby, and Brahms lullaby.

    The projector function projects rotating images of a soothing sea, calming rainforest, and sleepy sky onto your baby’s wall to help soothe them and to drift off to sleep. There’s also a voice activation feature that turns the machine on when baby wakes and begins to cry, meaning parents (might) have to get up during the night much less. A sleep timer is also built into the machine so it doesn’t run all the time.

    #2.myBaby SoundSpa Portable Sound Machine

    myBaby SoundSpa Portable

    Where to buy: Amazon

    The myBaby Soundspa is made for on-the-go parents who do a lot of traveling and/or who want to be able to move the machine from one room to the other without the need to have an electrical outlet everywhere they go. A wall adapter is included too. The sounds produced by this machine are different to the Munchkin nursery, if classical music and lullabies don’t work too well to soothe your infant.

    The available sounds include: heartbeat, white noise, ocean, summer night, thunderstorm and brook. Volume is adjustable and the Soundspa comes with an incremental sleep timer. The heartbeat sound on this myBaby sound machine has received rave reviews from happy mothers everywhere.


    Sound therapy sound machines can really help to change the lives of you, your spouse, and your children. Most people simply can’t relax when a furnace turns on, old pipes start to clank, or when someone screeches their tires on the street outside your home. These constant noise interruptions cause added stress in our lives, hurting sleep quality, productivity, and our spirit.

    If you’re looking to make positive changes to the quality of your life, sound therapy is a great first step!



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