Precor 9.27 Treadmill Review

Precor 9.27 Treadmill Review

Precor is a leader in the home and commercial fitness equipment industry. Lots of brands claim this title, but Precor truly is a leader, and here’s why:

  • They provide a standard of quality which hardly any other brand can match
  • They provide innovation: they invented the cushioned treadmill, hold several elliptical patents and patents for the cross trainer as well
  • They have a solid reputation among customers and mechanics as well

What the Reviews Say About Precor the Brand

If you’ve had treadmills before, as many of the reviewers here have, and you’re ready to graduate to a quality treadmill that can take a beating and last for years to come, then a Precor was and still is the premier brand for home treadmills. Known for their innovations throughout the years (first cushioned treadmill in 1990, for example) as well as their commitment to quality, customers across the board are generally pleased as punch when it comes to Precor treadmills.

Costlier than many other brands, Precor isn’t for everyone. If you can afford it, however, customers just can’t seem to stop raving about the quality of Precor treadmills.

The one word that pops up again and again in customer reviews for Precor treadmills is quality.

What the Reviews Say About the Precor 9.27 Treadmill

Many reviewers reported owning other brands for several years prior, and got tired of having to replace worn out parts constantly. Some had even owned commercial grade treadmills and the 9.27 compared favorably, and others reported that it compared favorably with the treadmills at their local gyms (gym equipment must generally be way more reliable because of its heavy use, so will typically be of much higher quality than home fitness equipment).

Users often use the words “durable”, “reliable” and “strong” to describe the Precor 9.27


The Precor 9.27 Treadmill with Ground Effects Technology is their second-lowest priced treadmill. In other words, this is one step above their entry level treadmill, the 9.23. What do you get for the extra price? You get same great Precor quality plus a few more bells & whistles, described below.

What the Reviews Said (Positive)

Shock Absorption

All Precor treadmills have the highly regarded Ground Effects Technology, which customers report to be just wonderful. Reviews reveal “good bounce” and “comfortable run”. They also reported favorably about the high quality belt, with diagonal seams and a tight weave. Others reported “very comfortable” deck, with low impact.

Noise & Motor

Life-long treadmill users reported that the motor on the 9.27 is the quietest they’ve ever experienced. One reviewer reported the motor was so quiet she could watch her TV while using her treadmill.

Another aspect of noise is quality of the belt. In addition to lasting longer, Precor’s high quality belts are also quieter. One 9.27 customer noted that a quieter belt means that it’s running over the rollers smoothly, with less friction. Less friction means less heat. This leads to longer lifespan of the treadmill, since heat kills parts and materials over time.

Console & Features

Again, this is just one level above their entry-level treadmill, so features are still basic. Most users had no problem with this, as they were more interested in how the treadmill performed and how long it lasted, more than whether or not they could plug in their MP3 player. There are 10 pre-set programs, which most Precor customers find adequate but not the best in the world. Almost every reviewer seems to report that they don’t care about features such as iPod docking and fans.

One feature that’s present on the 9.27, and is a common reason for choosing this model over the 9.23, is the telemetry (chest strap) heart rate monitoring. Several reviews reported this as an important deciding factor.


Judging from the large number of users over 250 lb who love the Precor 9.27 for its solid construction, you can bet this treadmill offers superior quality frame and running deck. The belt is thick, which means it’s durable. Customers also love the unusual “maintenance free” aspect of the belts: no need to lubricate them.

Even customers who’ve worked on servicing treadmills chose the 9.27 and loved it. They report that the motor is the most quiet they’ve seen, and the belt is smooth. In fact, many reviewers found the word “smooth” to be an appropriate choice when it came to describing the belt.

Other trends in customer reviews for the Precor 9.27 are that the unit is “stable”, “sturdy” and “solid”. This means they do not experience shaking of the platform when running, which indicates sturdy construction.

Some claim they believe that the 9.27 is commercial grade quality, and for under $2500 that’s truly incredible.

What you get over the entry-level Precor (the 9.23) is sidebars, for one. Lots of customers chose this model over the 9.23 for that reason alone. You also get aluminum sides on the 9.27, which several reviews reported as important to them.

Warranty & Customer Service

Several customers reported that when they called customer service, they were put in touch with a local treadmill tech guy, which impressed them.

Warranty is same as other Precor models: lifetime frame and welds, 5 years parts and one year on labor. Not one reviewer has any issues with the length of the warranties.

What the Reviews Said (Negative)

Users have very few negative things to say about the Precor 9.27 treadmill. Here’s what appeared several times as far as negative aspects go:

  1. Some reported having to tighten up the belt a bit, as it was slipping.
  2. Handle grip (hand sensors) heart rate monitor doesn’t work reliably
  3. Most negative reviews were because of shipping and delivery issues, which do not speak to quality concerns.
  4. LCD screen is outdated technology and small
  5. Programmed workouts are not useful to runners
  6. treadmill is slow to go from running speeds to walking speeds

Since Precor is known for its quality treadmills rather than its extra features, these “negatives” are to be expected. You can get a Precor treadmill with more fancy options like WiFi, magazine racks and speakers, but for many Precor customers, those things are unnecessary distractions from the real task at hand running for many years to come on a solid, reliable quality treadmill.