Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Electric Shaver Review

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Electric Shaver Review

If you’re the type of man who needs to have the ultimate shaving experience every day, the Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc 5 foil electric shaver is sure to please. This particular offering from Panasonic comes with all the modern features available in shave technology including advanced foil shaving technology, wet/dry cordless operation, and hands-off cleaning via the included cleaning/charging stand.

Each purchase comes with the following inside the box: A 5-head Panasonic ES-LV95-S foil shaver, the cleaning/charging stand, a handy travel pouch, a packet of cleaning solution, and cleaning comb. As with all modern Panasonic shavers, you never have to change the batteries, as a long-life Lithium ION quick-charge battery is included.

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Amazing Aesthetics

This Panasonic Arc 5 has a silver and black casing that looks sharp and sophisticated, which will look perfect on a bathroom counter or bedroom nightstand. The cleaning/charging stand matches up with the shaver perfectly. Both are lightweight and easy to move around at just 7 ounces for the shaver, and half that weight for the cleaning/charging stand.

Lift-Tech Foil Technology

The Lift-Tech foil technology in the ES-LV95-S heads is one of this shavers best and most advanced comfort features. This unique tri-foil Lift-Tech design on the ES-LV95-S makes for a quick and irritation-free shaving experience.

Three separate ultra-thin foils are interwoven together in the heads to work together to give the user the best shave possible on a modern foil shaver:

1. Lift-Tech Foil: This foil grabs stubborn hairs that tend to lie close to the skin, requiring multiple passes to get a clean shave.

2. Slit Blade Foil: The Slit Blade Foil is designed to capture longer hairs that grow in different directions, which also often require multiple passes with other shavers.

3. Finishing Foil: Cleans up what’s left on the face after the first two, with a particular focus on thick and/or stubborn hairs that remain on the face.

This premium designed Arc5 has 5 individual Multi-Flex floating heads created to hug and cover each and every curve on your face. The heads are designed to move 25-degrees up and down and 20-degrees side-to-side; allowing for near equal efficiency for side-to-side and circular motions as the up-down motion. This is yet another refreshing feature for those who’ve used older foil shavers that can only effectively shave in an up-down motion.

Nanotech Blades

Inside the 5 Multi-Flex heads on the ES-LV95-S we find 5 separate Nanotech razor blades. Panasonic has become famous for this technology over the last several years since they first released them on their older 3-head shavers. These ultra-thin, precision crafted blades are made from hypo-allergenic stainless steel, and are angled inside the heads to make contact with the foil screens at a 30-degree angle; the optimal angle required to cut hairs as close to the skin as possible without causing irritation.

Active Shaving Sensor

Built into the ES-LV95-S is an active shaving sensor that receives input from the foils to determine the thickness of the beard on different parts of the face. Power to the linear motor is automatically adjusted as beard thickness increases or decreases; increasing for thicker portions and decreasing for areas where the beard is thinner and the skin more sensitive. This feature prevents the hair pulling that takes place when power input to the motor is not adjustable.

14,000 CPM Linear Motor

The 14,000 cuts per minute (70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute) linear motor is the ultimate in power and efficiency available in a foil shaver. Most lower-end shavers only offer a 10,000 CPM motor. Lesser power equals more time spent shaving, more passes to get a clean shave, and more irritation as a result. The higher powered motor on this ES-LV95-S Arc5, combined with the Active Shaving Sensor work together to give you a clean shave that’s 1.5 times faster than traditional foil shavers.

Wet/Dry Operation (Shave with lubricants)

All modern Panasonic electric shavers are designed to be used wet or dry. Even though this shaver comes with a cleaning station that cleans while it charges the unit, you can rinse the heads off under the sink while shaving with your favorite lotion, gel, or shaving soaps. Simply turn on the Sonic Vibration Mode and rinse as needed. The ES-LV95-S, Arc5 is fully waterproof, meaning it can be submersed in water and/or used in the shower without danger to you or the machine.

Easy Cleanup

As mentioned, a Sonic Vibration Mode feature is included for easy and effective rinsing in the sink. The included cleaning stand, which retails for over $100 when bought separately, cleans the heads even more effectively using the included hypo-allergenic cleaning solution. Using it is as easy as putting the shaver head-down into the cleaning/charging stand and letting it complete the cleaning cycle while charging.

Fast-Charging/LCD Readout

The ES-LV95-S gets to a full charge within an hour. This one hour charge will give you 45 minutes of operating time (approximately a week worth of shaves). A 10-stage LED readout on the face of the shaver keeps you updated on the charge status.

Most Important: Shave Quality and Value

The Panasonic ES-LV95-S, Arc5 is a premium shaver, with an average 4.5 star rating on multiple platforms including Amazon. With that said, it should come as no surprise that this foil shaver delivers arguably the best shave available outside your local barber shop.




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