LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill Review

Many people prefer to work-out at home instead of visiting a gym for their daily exercise routines. But when it comes to working out at home, it’s important to choose the right equipment.

There are many different machines and free-weights that can be used at home. It’s a good idea to purchase equipment for quick home work-out sessions. On the other hand, most people don’t have an extra room in their house or apartment that can be used as a gym. Not to mention the fact that the neighbors might not appreciate the sounds of weights slamming against the floor.

Don’t worry, in order to lose weight, sometimes brisk walks or jogs are all it takes to burn a few pounds. You don’t necessarily need to lift heavy weights in order to lose weight. Treadmills are an excellent solution for people who want to work-out but don’t have enough time to visit a gym. There are several treadmills which can be delivered to your doorstep and installed in your house with relative ease. One such treadmill, the Lifespan TR1200i folding treadmill, is a favorite amongst fitness enthusiasts. Let’s start with a list of pros and cons.

LifeSpan TR1200i Pros:

• Easy to install.
• Incredibly quiet when switched on.
• Strong 2.5 horsepower motor.
• Step counting feature – encourages people to walk a certain amount of steps per day.
• Safety stop feature. Sensors along the sides of the treadmill detect when someone stops using the device and the treadmill stops spinning.
• Speed controls on arm bars. Helps adjust speed without losing focus and balance.
• High quality speakers built into the console.
• Multi-colored LCD panel with a wide range of work-out options and tracking systems.

LifeSpan TR1200i Cons:

• The USB flash disk that is advertised in the pictures is not included.
• Sometimes the delivery service won’t be capable of carrying the treadmill into the house.
• It’s quite heavy – it’s not recommended to attempt to carry the device on your own.
• Customers have complained that the speakers could use some improvement.
• The console has a few too many options, it can confuse people.

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LifeSpan TR1200i Features:

The treadmill has a wide range of features that customers around the world have repeatedly praised. It’s a new model, and it contains features that are common in modern treadmills and several other features as well. Below you’ll find a list of features a long with a description for each individual feature.

EZ Drop Folding System

The system is standard in many modern foldable treadmills. It allows the user to fold the frame into the body of the treadmill and in order to store the treadmill in a convenient location. The system makes this treadmill perfect for smaller homes where space is a necessity. It allows people to save a lot of space. On top of that, folding the treadmill is simple and easy, anyone can fold the device without much effort.

Excellent Work-Out Tracking and Feedback

There are a wide range of different tracking options and work outs programs that can be configured into the treadmill. Some programs are already installed and others can be tweaked accordingly. The following are some factors of the work out that the system monitors: heart rate, incline speed, distance, calories burnt, amount of steps, weight management, and sports training programs.

The heart rate monitor is tracked using a hand grip which the user clasps while running. The sensor detects the heart rate through the palm of your hand and displays it on the LCD screen. It’s perfect for maintaining a steady heart beat rate for a certain period of time.

Built-in Speaker System

The LifeSpan TR1200i also includes a set of built-in high quality speakers that allow users to listen to their favorite work-out playlists and audio files. The speakers are built into each side of the main control panel, one on the upper right corner, and one on the upper left corner. There is also an audio jack that you can plug headphones into if you don’t want to blast music through-out your house. You can also plug your own device into the audio jack. Customers have mentioned that they don’t use the speakers during each session but the additional feature is appreciated. Listening to proper music can make much easier to focus on a work-out session.


The treadmill is equipped with several different accessories that prospective buyers should know about.

One water bottle holder is built into the frame of the treadmill near the main control panel. It allows people to take a sip of their favorite drink without disturbing the flow of their work-out.

In addition, there’s also book rack for people who like to read while walking or running on the treadmill. You can store magazines on the rack as well; it can hold several magazines or books.

So if you happen to be a bookworm, there’s a good chance you’ll love this neat additional feature. Most pictures of the LifeSpan TR1200i display a USB disk but it’s not included in the list of accessories.


Before ordering this treadmill, it’s important to know exactly how much it weighs, how much weight it can support, and how much space the machine will occupy. All of the above details are included in this section of the review.


The treadmill is significantly heavy; the total weight comes to about 220 pounds. It’s important to remember this when ordering the equipment. Sometimes the shipping company employees won’t be able to carry the treadmill into your home, so make sure there’s someone around who can help carry the machine.


The TR1200i is foldable; therefore, it can be folded to save space when not in use. However, it’s important to make sure that the machine can fit into the room where you want to install it. The treadmill is 75 inches in length, 33 inches wide and 54 inches tall, when it’s installed. On the other hand, when the treadmill is folded, the length is cut in half, from 75 inches to 39 inches. Keep the dimensions in mind when ordering the treadmill.

Supported Weight:

The max user weight is 300 pounds. It’s not recommended to use this machine if you weigh over 300 pounds because it was not designed for that weight. Consider an alternative. Some customers who weigh around 250 pounds have noticed that the treadmill still performs exceptionally without any strain. Of course, it’s not recommended to push the limits of the device.

Max Speed:

As I mentioned earlier in this review, there are many different customizable work-out programs for a wide range of fitness levels. The speed ranges between 0.5 miles per hour and 11 miles per hour. So, there’s a level for everyone.


In a nutshell, the LifeSpan TR1200i is an excellent treadmill for people who want to exercise at home. Of course, the product has a few cons (check the beginning of the review) but it delivers everything that it promises and does its job well. It provides a wide range of programs, features, and accessories that will keep users comfortable. The dimensions are within reason, and it can fit into most rooms, even apartment rooms. On the other hand, the machine is quite heavy and that makes it difficult to move.

But all in all the treadmill is great. Customers all around the world have highly praised the mechanics and features!

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