Finding The Right Team Sport For Your Your Child

Finding The Right Team Sport For Your Your Child

Natural Motivation Toward Greatest Health

You’ve got to get your kids active. If you don’t, they’re going to become unhealthy. In today’s world, it’s possible, with enough money, to never leave your house. You can turn on the internet, get movies or video games going, and have food continuously delivered to your front door. In Japan, there are an entire class of people who never leave home.

This isn’t healthy. The body needs to be exercised. Everyone needs sunlight. It’s integral to eat the right foods and exercise with regularity for the fullest overall health. However, exercise isn’t fun if you’re not in shape. Even if you’re in shape, it can be a lot of work; but as you exercise, you train yourself to find satisfaction in that work.

A job well done is itself a reward, and the work toward that end can truly be “fun” if you learn to anticipate the finished product. Children don’t have this level of maturity, and will not be able to understand the value of such action until they’re old enough to encounter it themselves. You’ve got engage them collaterally, perhaps even obliquely.

The Value Of “Fun” In Physical Pursuits

The best way to do this is through fun physical activities. Sports are chief among activities that are physically active, healthy, and good for the overall development of your child. Team sports are additionally worth getting them involved with, as these increase motivation beyond personal goals, and add team-members and coaches to the mix as well.

There are a few different things you want to take into account if you’re going to get your young one into the right team sport. Hockey, soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball—these are the primary sports considered when the term “team” is invoked. However, you may want to expand your thinking a little bit.

Dancing is athletic, and choreography with a troupe is very similar to team sports—there are even competitions where one troupe may win out over another. Sure, your young lady will need a leotard and some ballet shoes; but any sport has some level of gear.

Unconventional Sporting Events

Where team efforts, or “sports”, like ballet, differ from traditional team sports is in terms of aesthetic. Dancing with a group has an artistic element to it that is primary. While it’s not absent from traditional team sports, this is only in a secondary sense.

There’s an art to a group of five guys, three in offense and two in defense, moving a puck down an ice rink. Skating itself has an artistic element to it. However, this is more oblique and collateral than the artistic element which defines dancing.

There is this consideration, though. Ballet, tap, and jazz aren’t going to be as attractive to young boys as they’re going to be for young girls. That’s not to say young boys can’t do these things, it’s just not going to be their “cup of tea”.

However, martial arts are also a team athletic event with competitions at intervals, and there’s an artistic element in the moves those learning martial arts must become familiar with. In short, there are quite a few different team sports out there your child may find interesting.

Finding The Right Option

Some team sports are straightforward, some aren’t generally considered team sports when the reality is they feature all the same activities: a team effort bound together by athleticism which itself becomes a work of art in the fullness of time.

Regardless of what you or your child’s preferences are, it’s fundamental to get them active on a regular basis. You want this to happen in a safe, controlled environment you can rely on.

Ideally, your young ones should additionally be around peers, as this will help motivate them to greatness. So look into football, soccer, basketball, and hockey; but don’t neglect to consider athletic opportunities like dance or martial arts, either. 

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