Best Chlorophyll Supplements

Best Chlorophyll Supplements

There’s plenty of good reasons why we all need to eat as much leafy green vegetables we can each and every day. Today, I’m going to tell you about one extremely massive health boosting component of eating plenty of green plants and/or algae: Chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is the pigments inside leafy green plants of all kinds, and popular edible algae superfoods. Without chlorophyll, plants wouldn’t be able to synthesize the sun’s energy into the glucose used to grow, repair damage, and produce fruits, flowers and vegetables.

It’s the “blood” of all plant species and as you’ll soon learn, consuming chlorophyll turbo-boosts our blood and virtually every task it carries out in the body. Chlorophyll is the closest substance to human and animal blood that can be found in nature.

Keep reading to learn more about this healthful green liquid and the many benefits it can offer your mind and body.

About Chlorophyllin Extract:

Chlorophyllin is a relatively new chemical that’s derived from chlorophyll. Where natural chlorophyll is a fat-soluble nutrient, chlorophyllin being water-soluble is more easily digested and perhaps faster acting than the non-refined variety. Chlorophyllin has been proven much more effective at preventing body and fecal odor than chlorophyll.

Few studies have been performed on this extract compared to the many research studies that have put chlorophyll under the scientific microscope over the years. It’s believed that chlorophyllin may hold nearly all the same benefits associated with chlorophyll consumption, with perhaps the exception of preventing of colon cancer, which as of late shows the fat-soluble, natural form to be the most effective (source).

Which is better?

Honestly, it’s too early to tell. A safe bet is to get as much natural chlorophyll as you can from dietary sources, while adding spirulina and/or chlorella supplements into your diet, and taking a quality chlorophyllin supplement to ensure you’re firing on all 8 cylinders.

While all this may seem excessive, the detoxifying properties you’ll get from consuming of all these healthful greens are sure to improve your health, extending your life while offering minimal, if at all, short term side effects.

Top 5 Chlorophyll Supplements

#1 Herbs Etc ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll Concentrate More Info
#2 Nature’s Way Chlorofresh Chlorophyll Concentrate More Info
#3 Nature’s Way Chlorofresh Natural Chlorophyll More Info
#4 Now Foods Triple Strength Liquid Chlorophyll More Info
#5 Aggripure Organic Wheatgrass Powder Orange Flavour More Info

Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

1.Extremely Potent Detoxifier

Toxins like the dangerous aflatoxins (from mold), floating around in the air we breathe and present in nearly all the food’s we eat, can lead to cancer as toxic levels build throughout the years. Worse, in the short term, these and other pathogens and toxic heavy metals like mercury disrupt our cognitive abilities and wreak havoc on our nervous system. For instance, studies have shown that aflatoxins in particular can reduce your IQ level by up to 15 points! Enough to hamper your performance significantly without it being obvious to the people that know you.

These cancer-causing toxic metals and air and food-born pathogens bond to chlorophyll and immediately sent where they belong – out of your body.(1) Studies have shown near complete elimination of these and other toxins over a 24 hour period when a chlorophyll extract is ingested up to three times daily.

2.Gut Health

Chlorophyll calms and heals the entire digestive system in our body, starting with the ability to cleanse and facilitate faster healing of the stomach, including the elimination of ulcers. Then as it moves through the intestines, chlorophyll’s anti-toxin, antioxidant, and anti-microbial ingredients cleanse while also relaxing the muscles that move food through the intestines into the bowels for elimination.

One particular benefit to gut health offered by chlorophyll is its remarkable natural ability to eliminate dangerous candida albicans, without disrupting the healthy bacteria we all need for optimal digestive health. This health-robbing yeast consumes sugars and nutrients before they make it into the intestines for absorbtion, leaving its victims tired and likely suffering from reduced immune system function.

3.Cardiovascular System

Including the heart, lungs and every single vein and artery in our body. Chlorophyll is loaded with antioxidants. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you already realize just how important antioxidants are for preventing arteriosclerosis – hardening of the arteries over time which always results in eventual heart attack, stroke and/or death.

Antioxidants prevent cholesterol and other triglycerides from oxidizing due to free radical damage. When oxidation occurs, they become sticky and cling to the walls of our arteries, creating the perfect foundation for platelets and calcium to cling to, setting the stage for reduced cardiovascular system function and further health problems down the road.

There’s also a special magnesium component present in chlorophyll that allows for improvements in red blood cell counts. While red blood cells contain iron in their center for oxygen transport throughout the body, chlorophyll which is almost identical in makeup to hemoglobin uses magnesium instead as its oxygen transport mineral.

In the presence of iron deficiencies, which can be caused by a number of health issues, our body can easily convert the magnesium in chlorophyll to iron for the production of vital red blood cells. When magnesium and iron levels become optimized, hypertension can quickly be reversed too, as an added benefit.

4.Weight Loss

There have been numerous recent and past studies showing the power chlorophyll consumption can have when added to any smart weight loss plan that includes lifestyle and dietary changes. Studies show that consuming this green drink affects many facets needed to facilitate weight loss including: decreasing hunger pains between meals, improved glucose and insulin homeostasis (ie., less insulin spikes causing sugar cravings) – all with the added benefit of lowered total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in both human and animal test subjects (source).

You can read the linked study for more detailed information, but scientists concluded that the benefit offered by chlorophyll consumption appears to all boil down to its ability to increase the release of a hormone called Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) which causes post-meal insulin release and also signals the brain when we’ve eaten enough; a process that’s often upset in the bodies of people who overeat on a regular basis, leading people to eat larger portion sizes than are healthy for maintaining a healthy bodyweight.

5.Immune System Booster

There are many factors offered by chlorophyll that lead to improved immune system function. High levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are definitely part of the equation. Much of what you’ve learned already about its ability to purify and optimize every vital system in the body, which naturally strengthens the immune system so it doesn’t have to work so hard.

One of the most interesting effects chlorophyll has on the immune system is by improving the health of our bone marrow, where both our red and white blood cells are formed. White blood cells are the soldiers that rise up to fight off foreign invaders when detected by the immune system. Blood cells typically don’t live for very long in the body and when bone marrow health is low, cell turnover can be affected, leading to low immune system function and anemic symptoms resulting from low red blood cell counts.

6.Increased Bone Density and Muscle Strength

These are two added benefits that come from the high levels of magnesium found in chlorophyll-containing plants. Magnesium is an essential part of the framework that opens the door for calcium to be absorbed into our bones, while also preventing it from leaching out. Deficiencies almost always lead to weakened bones and may also be a factor that leads to osteoporosis, though more studies need to be performed to prove it.

Less magnesium in your diet leads to weakened muscles. This mineral allows for the contraction and relaxation of muscles. A common sign that you’re deficient is twitchy muscles that contract involuntarily, including the muscles that control our eyelids.

7.Oral Health

Using chlorophyll as a mouthwash helps to kill bad bacteria and restore healthy levels of the good bacteria needed for optimal oral health. As a bonus, consumed internally or used as a mouthwash, chlorophyll is a potent bad breath remedy that was used for centuries before Certs and Tic Tacs came along!

8.Internally and External Natural Deodorant

When taken internally and consistently, chlorophyll will make your bowel movements smell fresher and as the cleansing continues, you can expect to have less body odor too. While people all over who take chlorophyll and chlorophyllin have noticed this benefit, it’s long been a scientific fact, after researchers descended on a nursing home in this study from 1980 and found a significant decrease in the offensive smell of fecal matter, flatulence and body odor in the home’s residents.

The Best Dietary Sources of Chlorophyll

Anything that’s green is a sure bet to give you a great dose of chlorophyll in your diet.

• Barley Grass (10g juiced): 149mg
• Wheat Grass (10g juiced): 55mg
Chlorella (1g powder): 28mg
• Spinach (1 cup raw): 24mg
• Parsley (½ cup chopped): 19mg
• Garden Cress (1 cup raw): 15.6mg
Spirulina (1g powder): 15mg
• Green Beans (1 cup uncooked): 8mg
• Arugula (1 cup raw): 8mg
• Leeks (1 cup raw): 8mg
• Endive (1 cup raw): 5mg
• Sugar Peas (1 cup steamed): 5mg
• Chinese Cabbage (1 cup chopped & steamed): 4mg

Other rich sources of chlorophyll include: green peppers, asparagus, chard, kale, alfalfa, and really any other leafy green or green vegetable you can find.

Concentrated chlorophyll supplements like those recommended later have way more chlorophyll considering their small serving sizes, making them much more beneficial if you’re trying to maximize the benefits listed below.

Recommended Dosage

Most healthcare professionals and the company’s who manufacture chlorophyll supplements recommend taking anywhere from 100 – 200mg per day, split up into two daily doses, for children and adults over the age of 12.

Children under 12 should play it safe and consume only 100mg, unless directed by a physician to do otherwise.

According to the Linus Paulding Institute of Health, no serious side effects have ever been reported from people using chlorophyll or chlorophyllin supplements in over 50+ years of study (source).


These are only possible contraindications. Something to keep in mind when taking in extra chlorophyll, in addition to the types of medications indicated. Asking your doctor before you start any supplement plan or change your diet drastically, is always recommended.

Chlorophyll lowers blood sugar levels in many who take it.

If you’re taking any diabetes drugs or using insulin, it’s best to keep a good eye on your blood sugar levels as you start taking chlorophyll supplements or when consuming lots of chlorophyll-rich foods.

Look on your medications for warnings about increased sensitivity to U.V. rays from the sun.

Any medication that makes you more sun-sensitive could potentially be further exacerbated by the consumption of excess chlorophyll. This includes most acne medications and many different pain relievers. Start at the lowest dose and work your way up gradually if you decide to increase your chlorophyll intake.

Should You Give Chlorophyll to Children?

The GLA (gamma-linoleic acid) content in chlorophyll is very high and is used for the development of the immune system in babies. Chlorophyll supplementation isn’t recommended for breast feeding mothers simply because its effects on babies haven’t been studied at length. This isn’t uncommon because both parents and healthcare professionals alike are very hesitant to administer and study any supplement or drug that might have adverse effects on infants, toddlers and children. Ask your doctor or pediatrician before you consider doing this.

Review of the 5 Best Chlorophyll Supplements

#1.Herbs Etc ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll Concentrate

View on Amazon

I don’t believe that capsules are necessarily the most potent or affordable way to get your daily dose of the green stuff. However, I’m going to put this Herb’s Etc and the Nature’s Way product listed next at the top because I know most of you want the no-muss, no-fuss solution that capsules offer. ChlorOxygen chlorophyll concentrate gets the top vote because this professional strength formulation helped my aunt, who’s stricken with COPD, to boost her red blood cell count from a literally dizzying 2.05 TC/L to a much healthier and optimal 4.03 TC/L in just after a month of use taking the recommended 200mg per day. Hey, you gotta go with what’s been proven to work, right?

#2.Nature’s Way Chlorofresh Chlorophyll Concentrate

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This bottle from Nature’s Way comes with 90 easy-to-swallow softgels. It contains a special chlorophyllin/copper complex that’s been shown to be more bioavailable than unrefined chlorophyll. This is a very newbie-friendly supplement, breaking the dose down into 50mg of chlorophyll per softgel, so you can assess just how much of it is right for you. Like any other supplement at this low price point, it contains soybean oil as the carrier and a gelatin shell to hold the liquid. If you’re allergic or prefer to avoid animal products, try one of the other supplements on this list.

#3.Nature’s Way Chlorofresh Natural Chlorophyll

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Nature’s Way “Alive” is more my style when it comes to getting more chlorophyll. This liquid contains 50mg of chlorophyllin copper complex per teaspoon serving. The chlorophyll’s extracted from the Mulberry tree and contained in an all-natural formulation of water, oil of mint and vegetable-based glycerin. No yucky, allergy-causing fillers to worry about with this one. If you’re like me and don’t like using commercial deodorants and antiperspirants, I recommend taking this internally and rubbing a small amount under each arm after showering for maximum all day freshness!

#4.Now Foods Triple Strength Liquid Chlorophyll

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This is another mint-flavored, pure liquid chlorophyll supplements, from one of the most trusted brands I know in the healthcare supplement industry, Now Foods. The bottle claims you’ll get 90 servings out of this 16 ounce bottle, with each serving delivering 100mg of sodium copper chlorophyllin extract per. Use this supplement internally or topically, as I suggested for the Nature’s Way liquid and enjoy fresh breath, less body odor, maximum red blood cell volume and many of the other benefits listed earlier that chlorophyll is famous for.

#5.Aggripure Organic Wheatgrass Powder Orange Flavour

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This wheatgrass powder from Aggripure Organics is a real winner in my book. It doesn’t have heaps of concentrated chlorophyll like the others on the list, but it does bring all the many benefits associated with consuming wheatgrass. This one’s loaded with saponins, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, aminos and has a generous dose of natural chlorophyll per single-teaspoon dose too. The citrusy orange flavor mixes wonderfully with the natural sweetness of wheatgrass.


There’s really no better way to ensure your blood and organs are kept optimally-clean and healthy, than ensuring you get more chlorophyll into your diet every day.

No other liquid on the planet is as close to human blood on a molecular level than is chlorophyll, and so few of the fad supplements that have made their way to the marketplace over the last decade or two can offer as much immediate health benefits as this magical green liquid does.

Here’s wishing you all a lifetime of peace, love, wealth – and health!

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