Precor Treadmills Reviews

Precor Treadmills Reviews

Precor is perhaps one of the most recognized brands in fitness equipment for the gym and now for the home as well. Having introduced the first cushioned technology treadmill in 1990, this brand is known everywhere.

What to Look For: One thing you want to look for in a good treadmill is the stability of the base. If you can test a treadmill at a local retailer or gym, then go for it. See how the belt responds when you walk, jog or run on the machine. The more stable it feels, the better. One of the advantages of Precor is that you will more easily find one to test since Precor treadmills are found everywhere, from local retailers to gyms all over the country.

A CHP motor means the treadmill will respond quickly to your commands, such as slowing down or speeding up. Make sure your new treadmill has continuous horse power. Precor treadmills have CHP.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more popular Precor treadmill models. We’ll review a premium-level treadmill and two standard models.

Top 3 Precor Treadmills

Precor 9.23 Treadmill

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The 9.23 Treadmill with Ground Effects Technology is Precor’s basic-level treadmill. Make no mistake, however…this is a club-quality machine. Precor is a great company, simply because they integrate their best features into even the basic treadmills…and by this we mean the Ground Effects Technology. This is Precor’s patented shock absorption design that reduces stress. Why is this model lower-priced than the 9.27 and the 9.33? One main reason is the electronics: you get 6 preset workout courses rather than 10 or 16, with the other two models.

If you want a brand name treadmill but you’re on a budget, consider the 9.23. What are you giving up by purchasing the lower priced model?

  1. As mentioned above, fewer preset programs.
  2. Also, you get short arms rather than full length arms.
  3. Another is the number of ways you can monitor your heart. With the 9.23, you have touch system only. The other models offer touch and telemetry methods. (Telemetry uses a chest strap.)
  4. No User IDs. User IDs allow different users to “log in” and access information/ stats on their own workouts.
  5. The deck and belt are a few inches shorter

The shorter size, fewer programs to choose from and lack of telemetry heart rate monitor may not even be a negative for some treadmill users. If you don’t use the presets, and you don’t run at full speed then you won’t mind the 9.23 at all. That’s because if you simply walk or do a light jog, your stride won’t be that long anyway and you won’t miss the extra few inches on the deck.

Precor 9.33 Premium Series Treadmill

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This is one of the best Precor treadmills, as far as durability, warranty and options go. You’re getting the best of everything here, from name recognition to the only 10 year parts warranty we found in the entire treadmill industry. Other premium features include full -length arms, 2 user IDs and something Precor calls Integrated Footplant Technology.

Instead of 6 or 10 preset programs, you’re getting 16 preset programs. For runners who like to make use of the variety offered by preset programs, this is obviously a plus. If you’re training for a 5K or 10K, there are courses that will put you through the paces, as though you were running the actual race.

Premium treadmills from Precor come with an unheard-of 10 year warranty on parts. This feature speaks for itself, especially with buyers who have had experience owning a treadmill. These are not simple machines, so the warranty is extremely important.

All these features are worth the almost double price of the 9.33, but there’s one we haven’t even mentioned yet and that’s the adjusting treadmill. Precor calls this feature Integrated Footplant Technology. The engineers have designed the 9.33 to automatically adjust the speed of the belt to the speed of your feet. That means you will be running with a very natural gait on the 9.33, reducing fatigue and possibility for injury.

Precor 9.27 Treadmill

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The 9.27 treadmill by Precor is more moderately priced than the Premium 9.33 model but more than the 9.23. This one features what the company calls Ground Effects Technology. In a nutshell, this provides balance between shock absorption at the front and pivoting deck that helps you push off, strengthening your stride. Nice cushioned deck and strong 3.0 CPH motor that gives a smooth run. There are 10 preset programs for your workout, and touch as well as telemetry heart rate monitoring.

The telemetry monitoring is a feature shared with the Premium treadmills offered by Precor. Since the Precor 9.27 is not a Premium level treadmill, it does not come with the premium level pricing. Therefore, the telemetry heart rate monitoring provides added value for reasonable pricing.

Another premium-level feature of this model is the full-length arms. And, weighing in at 238 pounds, the 9.27 is lighter than many treadmills on the market. For installation and maneuverability, we like that.

Our Verdict

For quality and long-lasting value, you can’t go wrong with a standard level treadmill from Precor. For value, the 9.23 can’t be beat. Frills like mp3 support and touch screens won’t be found on the 9.23, but this is a sturdy treadmill with durable parts and a good warranty. The price is only a few hundred more than lesser quality treadmills with worse warranties and no wonderful reputation like the Precor brand. We would highly recommend the Precor 9.23 or even the 9.27 over any other treadmill on the market today. Even their standard (non-Premium) level models come with a 5 year warranty on all parts…and you know that warranty is all-important on treadmills.

Sturdiness is excellent on the 9.23 and the motor is quiet. Our recommendation: think hard about whether you really need an mp3 docking station with your treadmill. And do you really need a fan? iFit? All these frills add to the price and to the list of things that can break. This is solid quality but on-frills. Chances are, few people use the fancy frills that are lacking on the 9.23, so it’s not really “lacking” at all. In short, we love the 9.23 and think for the value, it’s one of the best Precor treadmills you can buy.