Helpful Hair Care Tips for Men

Helpful Hair Care Tips for Men

Like a white, healthy-looking smile, your hair makes a very bold impression on the people you meet each and every day. Following, you’ll find some easy-breezy male haircare tips, that won’t take up much of your time, to make sure you look the very best version of yourself whatever the circumstance!

Clean Without Stripping

This advice goes double for men who have really coarse, dry hair that seems impossible to get any softness or sheen out of.

• Despite the fact that the bottle may say “safe for everyday use,” you don’t actually need to wash your hair every single day. And you really shouldn’t. Washing your hair only twice weekly with a gentle, all-natural shampooing product can restore natural shine, softness and vitality to your hair within a week or two.
• This doesn’t mean you can’t condition daily. Conditioners, particularly a mild leave-ins are great for your hair, as they don’t strip the natural oils away from the hairline like a shampoo does. For most men, this is a must since over 95% of us wake up with “bed head” in the morning and a straight water rinse just won’t bring our hair in-line!
• If you work a job where you’re working around animals, dirt, dust, or areas where debris is coming in constant contact with your hair, consider wearing something on top such as a breathable beanie, bandana, or even a hairnet, so you don’t feel obliged to lather up your hair when you hit the shower at the end of the day.

Tips to Mask That Receding Hairline

Caucasian young man controls hair loss

Perhaps you’re a youthful man in your 20’s with lots of hair to spare, or creeping through your 30’s and beyond with a full hairline in-tact – you’re in the minority. And millions of balding men worldwide tip their hat to you, sir! In reality, baldness affects 30% of all men by age 30, 50% by age 50, and 75% of all men over the age of 80 (if only we could all be so lucky!) ]

Losing some or all of our hair is a foregone conclusion for most men. Worse, even though we all know better, most of us live in denial and try to “hide” our shame from the world with comb-overs of varying degrees of ridiculousness.

There are several things you can do to mask thinning hair while keeping your pride in-tact:

• Use matte styling pastes and clays in place of hairsprays and gels. Pastes and clays absorb a lot more light, preventing that light from shining on your scalp and highlighting your thinning hair.
• Stick with a tapered, cropped hair style, keeping the hair thicker on top and short on the sides.
• Use a hair dryer on the “cool” setting, to raise your hair slightly in the receding area to add the illusion of thickness.
• Avoid long hair styles at all costs. The longer hair gets, the more it stretches and separates. Long, thinning hair sticks out like a sore thumb, guys!

Pat, Don’t Rub!

Rubbing, especially rubbing vigorously, is just plain bad for your hair. Rubbing breaks your hair, even more so when the hair is wet. If your hair is already thinning, there’s simply no excuse for scrubbing and rubbing your hair dry!

Careful With the Heat

Hair-dryers are notoriously bad for your hair and scalp. If your hairstyle dictates that you must use one, buy one with multiple settings, particularly a “warm” and “cool” setting. Ditch the hot and minimize the time your hair and scalp spend under the warm setting too.

Revitalize With Eggs!

Image: K. Kendall via Flickr

Yep, you’re reading this right. The protein and fat in chicken eggs is extremely revitalizing to the hair and scalp. Crack a couple of eggs, mix em’ up and slather the mixture all throughout your hair. Do this once or twice a month and leave the goo in your hair for up to an hour, rinsing out before it starts to dry.

Vinegar is Great for Your Hair


Vinegar has a two-fold positive affect on our hair. First, it’s perfect for dissolving the messy, yet unseen buildup that accumulates from most commercial shampoos and styling products. Second, a quick dousing with vinegar helps to restore pH balance, leaving your hair and scalp feeling truly refreshed and rejuvenated.

Don’t Take it For Granted Guys…

Your hair says a lot about you. Unless you’re the guy sporting a shaved head or buzzcut, it’s important to pamper your hair now and then, so it always looks its best and to prevent premature hair loss. Take care of your hair and it’ll always take care of you!