New Year’s Resolutions for the Single Girl

Couple in love watching the sea
New Year's resolutions are like diets- they start off with all best intentions but often fade away into oblivion as soon as the glow...

The 7 Unwritten Rules of Dating

Date at a Restaurant
You may laugh, but there's still an etiquette to dating that involves so-called rules. Of course some rules may change with each generation but...

News Flash: Divorce Rates Aren’t What You Think!

couple getting divorced
Brides-to-be: you can breathe a little easier now. It seems that your prospects are better than we all thought. After years of bandying about...

Is Jealousy Good?

Jealousy in a relationship. Dealing With Jealousy In A Relationship
Before we answer the question of whether jealousy can be a good thing in a relationship, let's take a look at a real-life scenario...

How to Cultivate a Lasting Relationship With Your Significant Other

Lasting Relationship
Despite what we watch and read about on television and the movies, or romance novels, fairy tale love is more fantasy than reality. Love...

Do Men Want To Date Single Mothers

single mother
"Don’t ever let a man tell you your worth, based on his inability to see it." ~Twitter/IG: @DerrickJaxn~

Definition of a Strong Independent Woman

Strong women make the world better; they make us learn, live and grow. Strong women inspire us to reach for the stars;...