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Why Traditional Long Distance Exercises Are BAD For You

Long Distance Running
Nearly everyone has rushed to slap on a pair of sneakers and hit the road for an extra long run whenever the desire to...

The Best Exercises to Melt Unsightly Love Handles – Fast!

Love Handles
Statistical studies frequently show that over half of all American adults have a desire to shed a few pounds. Half of that number are...

Recommended Sports Supplements That Won’t Break the Bank

There are so many products out there on the market for fat loss and muscle building. Many of them from the most state-of-the-art fat...

7 Benefits of Adding Swimming to Your Exercise Routine

A Man Swimming in a Pool
Swimming is a great way to get your daily dose of low impact, heart healthy exercise. It burns more calories than most other workouts,...

4 Equipment-Free Exercises to Immediately Boost Your Health and Fitness!

A man running on meadow over river
If you're looking for a few simple exercises, that you can do anywhere to boost your health and fitness, while building muscle and trimming...

How to Choose the Right Protein Powder

Protein Powder
Protein powders are a super-fast way to maintain a positive nitrogen balance in the body. Positive nitrogen levels help keep the body in an...