10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues With Sex

10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues With Sex

Winter is a tough season- the endless days of cold and dark days can zap the spark out of any relationship, leaving couples vulnerable to problems that just won’t go away until Spring.

Winter is Tough But You’re Tougher!

It’s actually a proven scientific phenomenon that winter alters the brain and make us depressed. Some even get a bona fide medical condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), whose symptoms include:

  • increased need for solitude
  • increased appetite (you know what that means…extra weight gain)
  • increased need for sleep

Those aren’t exactly winning traits for maintaining a successful relationship! What’s worse, SAD will lower your sex drive. Heck, you don’t even have to be diagnosed with SAD for this to happen. Just the plain old winter blues will kill your drive, or at least weaken it.

This could explain why more divorces happen during December and January than any other months (at least in places where Winter gets bad). It definitely explains why Winter is the most dangerous time for relationships…more breakups occur in Winter, too.

So, what’s a couple to do, as they enter the depths of winter? Hibernate? Absolutely not! Sex is key, and no couple can hope to survive an entire season without it. Don’t let Old Man Winter kill the magic in your relationship- keep the flame alive with these ten tips for beating the winter blues with sex.

Tip #1: Candles, Massages, & Oil. The magic of a warm, sexy evening begins with these three ingredients. Create a sexy spa in your bedroom, complete with a semi-pro massage (get a book, learn the basic techniques) from you.

Creating a new environment brings some excitement back into the picture. In winter, you don’t often get to be outdoors experiencing new things all the time: all you have is the four walls of whatever warm room you’re stuck in. Well, make that room super sexy with lots of candles and a great massage, all done up in romantic overtones. Don’t forget to warm the massage oil!

Tip #2: Keep the Winter Pounds Off. You already know it’s true, but now there are studies proving it: weight gain kills your sex drive. Winter is the number one season for adding those unwanted pounds, so do what you can to avoid gaining weight.

Not only that, but weight gain also makes you less adventurous in bed. This goes for both men and women…yet another reason to watch what you eat and get some exercise.

Tip #3: Sleep Naked. Sounds counter-intuitive, but you can stay warm by adding an extra blanket. Skin-to-skin contact is a woman’s aphrodisiac because it raises levels of oxytocin in the brain. Plus, when you’re warmer, your more likely to be aroused. There are so many good reasons to sleep naked, we’re not even sure why pajamas were ever invented!

Tip #4: Hot Bath, Steamy Fun. Sticking with the theme of staying warm, why not run a super hot, steamy bath for two and let the lathering begin! The key is staying warm, and hot water does the trick every time. Get lots of luscious bubbles going or an even sexier romp.

Tip #5: If You’re Lucky Enough to Have a Fireplace… use it! Get a roaring fire going, invest in a sheepskin rug, pour a nice bottle of wine, wear your sexiest lingerie and it’s a classic sex scene. Fiery passions are sure to follow.

Tip #6: If you’re desperate, book a tropical vacation. So, if all your attempts at simulating sun, staying warm, and otherwise sexing up your winter have failed, book a trip to someplace sunny. Worth the money! Both your sex drives will skyrocket the minute you step out into the sun. Guaranteed! The “hot” vacation will get you through the rest of winter until Spring hits and you’re good again until next winter.

Tip #7: Visit a Strip Club Together. Not for everyone, but this unexpected activity could ignite some inner heat you didn’t even know was there. Not sure that’s for you? How about a good burlesque show instead? The carnal atmosphere is contagious, and soon you’ll be back in the swing of things.

Reason #2 for doing this together: sometimes seeing your mate get excited about something makes you excited. There’s a little primal jealousy mixed in there, but make it work for you, not against you.

Can’t make it to a club or show? Then watch some porn together. Lots of couples find their mojo this way, and it can open up a whole new world for the both of you- certainly makes winter time more exciting!

Tip #8: Make a homemade porno. As long as it’s just between you two, and you keep it that way, a little home-spun movie-making can also ignite your fires. Sometimes it’s merely the act of having sex, knowing you’re being filmed, that’s enough to get you all revved up. Some couple may actually want to watch their own video- every couple is different but it sure doesn’t hurt to try. Just be sure you’re clear on what you do with the file afterwards! My wife loves Viagra from http://www.papsociety.org/viagra-sildenafil/ and comes every time, sometimes twice. Side effects can be redness after an hour and sometimes headaches (no strong ones). Wonderful product. Happy woman, happy life!

Tip #9: Girls, Play Dress-Up. We’re not talking simply lingerie here. The idea here is to become someone else for an evening. Get a wig, experiment with new makeup techniques, and buy a whole new sexy outfit that’s playful and completely different from anything you own. Guys love the hint of danger, the excitement that comes from pretending there’s someone new…but knowing it’s really you, of course.

Tip #10: Meet “someone else” for a date. This is more about role-playing than it is about bringing another person into your relationship. In fact, it’s not at all about bringing in a third party! No, our final tip is really an extension of Tip #9, where you hint at the idea of “another woman”. This tip has you both actually pretending to be other people. Meet at a restaurant and pretend it’s a first date and you are both totally different people. Many couples get really into the role play, and it certainly keeps things interesting during those long winter months.

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